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[title PM News 06-08-18

Sheriff Tom Allman speaks out about the lawsuit filed by a man in the Mendocino County Jail four years ago. The lawsuit brought by Neuroth’s brother, James Neuroth. The wrongful death complaint claming the county of Mendocino; Sheriff Tom Allman; California Forensic Medical Group, deputies and others were to blame for the man’s death. His brother says Steven had been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia, schizo-affective disorder and depression in the past.

The sheriff says the man had been seen by county mental health workers days before he went to jail and that he was not considered 5150- or satisfying those who would be committed temporarily for being a danger to themselves or others.

Video of the man in the jail will be released on the county website today. Neuroth was arrested in June of 2014 on suspicion of being under the influence of a controlled substance.

A married couple in Lakeport busted for alleged human trafficking make their first court appearance. Sam Massette and his wife Krystina Pickersgill arrested after the Lake County D-A says someone approached him after the "Jane Doe in Wonderland" play about human trafficking, saying they were a victim. The couple’s accused of recruiting high schoolers, waiting until they were of age, then getting them to prostitute themselves in the San Francisco bay area. The District Attorney’s Office also took cash and luxury vehicles from the pair. Massette and Pickersgill are charged with human trafficking, pimping and pandering, procuring for prostitution, and conspiring with other individuals whose identities are not yet known for the purposes of human trafficking, pimping and prostitution. They’re held in jail, on one million dollars bail each.

It looks like the funding initiative in Fort Bragg for the hospital will fail. All except the provisional and late ballots counted for the June 5th primary show the measure for Mendocino Coast District Hospital would not pass. The turnout in Mendocino County was at about 40 percent. Measure C, which would have meant a $144 per parcel tax on property owners in the Mendocino Coast Healthcare District was razor thin close too, it needed 67 percent to pass, but as of late tallies, it was only at 63 percent. And Measure D, money for the Fort Bragg Fire Protection District, needed 67 percent approval had just barely passed that with almost 68 percent of the votes counted so far. For Fifth District supervisorial race, Ted Williams was at 43 percent and Chris Skyhawk had 30 percent so they look to be in the November runoff.


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