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A woman from Ukiah who was pulled over for a DUI, but the court couldn’t decide if she was guilty had a mistrial. But the D-A says Shannon Wilson didn’t come to the second day of her trial as ordered so they put out a bench warrant for her arrest after the mistrial was declared. The D-A says Wilson was eventually caught on the warrant and taken back to court, then changed her not guilty pleas on the two "hung" counts, admitting her blood alcohol was .21/.22 at the time of driving. She also admitted it wasn’t her first DUI, something she didn’t admit previously. She will be sentenced Friday for the DUI’s and for the new charge of not showing up in court.

Californians may be on the hook for PG&E expenses related to the fires of 2017. State Senator Jerry Hill says he anticipates higher gas and electric bills after the report from Cal Fire last Friday which connected PG&E to a dozen fires in the October firestorm. Hill saying climate change or other phenomenon’s don’t ignite fires, it just takes a spark. And he says where there’s a negligent utility who has broken the law, that causes the spark. The comments as the senator is pushing a new bill to protect consumers against these sort of price hikes. Senator Bill Dodd though has a bill to get PG&E and other utility giants to get better equipment and it calls for an update to the state’s utility regulator, with spending estimates.

Lakeport police reminding residents as summer approaches about traffic safety. The department has put out a note about pedestrian and car traffic getting busier over the summer as there’s the summer concert series and July 4th celebration at Library Park which means heavier traffic in the downtown area. Police reminding to be extra careful, looking out for people walking or on bikes as they also beef up patrols to help enforce traffic laws. They also remind not to leave pets or children in cars with windows up as they can become like ovens. And the same for pickup trucks, even though they’re open in the back. And one other remind from police about garage sale season and no posting of posters or advertising on public property so public areas stay clutter and litter free.


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