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It looks like we’ll be sweltering this weekend with the heat and dry conditions raising concerns about the danger of wildfires. The National weather service has also issued a special weather statement that says the building heat could affect people at risk, especially the very old and very young. If the predictions hold, temperatures will hover near 100 by Saturday,with higher readings at some inland spots. It will be cooler, but still dry, into next week.

It won’t help much this weekend, but people in Lake County will soon be able to use the Middletown pool to cool off for the summer. The county says it has hired a lifeguard so the pool will open starting July 4th, which is two weeks from today. The pool will be open Wednesdays through Sundays from 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM. The county says if it can find more lifeguards, the hours could be extended.

People in Lakeport who don’t control their weeds and overgrown yards could be hit with a fine. The City Council has approved a resolution authorizing penalties for property owners whose land is considered a risk for grass fires. City officials say that of June 1st, there were more than 150 properties that had growth that could be hazardous. Those people will get letters saying they have ten days to clean up or they could be fined up to $100 for a first violation.

The City of Clearlake is getting some help to reduce the risk from natural disasters The $112,000 grant from FEMA will help the city identify those risks and do something about them before tragedy strikes. City manager Greg Folsom says while natural disasters can’t be predicted or prevented, the city can take steps to make sure the threats are kept to a minimum. If FEMA likes the city’s mitigation plans, more money could be available in the future.

Environmental activist Erin Brockovitch has joined the legal team handling a lawsuit against P G & E by more than 1,500 people affected by last fall’s wildfire. Brockovitch told a crowd in Santa Rosa that she has seen first hand the effects of environmental disasters and wants to use her expertise to help. Brockovitch will work as a consultant for the legal team that is suing P G & E claiming its failure to maintain infrastructure was a cause of the devastating fires. The utility isn’t commenting on Brockovitch’s joining the case. Brockovitch had her own battle fight against P G & E in the 1990’s when she sued over groundwater contamination from one of its facilities in the southern California community of Hinkley. Her story was the subject of the Oscar winning movie in 2000.

A state honor for a project in Ukiah that helps the homeless and people with substance abuse problems. The Ford Street Project has been named the 2nd Assembly district nonprofit of the year, according to assembly member Jim Wood. He says the projects deserves recognition because it assisted hundreds of people last year during their difficult times. Ford Street has been around since 1974 serving the Ukiah area. Among other things, it operates a 40-bed residential treatment facility and 20 bed sober home at its location on Brush Street

The California Highway patrol has started an investigation after top Democratic lawmakers and their staffs have reported getting some disturbing calls. Reports say the caller is using robo calls from someone appearing to be in distress and pleading for help. The state senate Sergeant at at Arms says the calls appear to be coordinated and may involve some kind of hack and use a number that make the messages seem as if they come from someone the recipient knows. Democratic consultant Brian Brokaw got one of those calls. He says it’s not a just a prank and that whoever is behind the calls has what he calls “serious issues”.

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