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The fire burning near Clearlake Oaks has slowed some, but is still not contained at all. The Pawnee fire was at 3,000 acres yesterday, then blew up to 7,700 acres and is now at 8,200 acres in rugged terrain. The fire’s taken down 22 structures, and still there are another 600 threatened. Cal Fire reports the fire spotted Saturday evening in the Spring Valley Lakes subdivision, but they’re not sure how it started. It exploded in dry, windy conditions and burned fast, with multiple spot fires reported in the Spring Valley area, which also meant a major evacuation in the area from Spring Valley Lakes and the Double Eagle Ranch subdivision to the east. There’s an evacuation center at Lower Lake High School and animals can be taken to Lake County Social Services in Lower Lake.

A man in Humboldt County’s been arrested after a fire was set at a house with people inside. Redheaded Blackbelt news site reporting the Humboldt County Sheriff’s dept getting a call Saturday night to a man intentionally setting a fire in Myers Flat. Deputies say they found burning objects and learned Michael Merriman, who the residents knew, had asked the residents to hang out, but when they said no, they say he got angry and started threatening them. They say he then barricaded the door to their house, trapping them inside and tried lighting the home on fire. They got out and used a hose on the flames. The Myers Flat Volunteer Fire Department and Cal Fire got to the scene to put the fire out and then Merriman was arrested on arson charges, false imprisonment and threats to commit a crime.

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