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Police at the scene of a shooting on the 101 near Willits. The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office and CHP Officers headed out yesterday afternoon to reports of a suspicious situation at Mile Marker 35 south of Golden Rule for what they thought might be a car accident, but found someone in a car with a gunshot wound. Then police found two men in a pickup truck with gunshot wounds, one was dead, the other with a life threatening injury was taken to a hospital. Details about what may have happened are sketchy. Detectives working with the CHP, the state Department of Justice and the Mendocino County District Attorney’s Office trying to find out why the shooting happened in the first place. They’re asking anyone who may have seen something to call the Sheriff’s office tip line.

A man who organizes cannabis events around the region says he’s going statewide. Stephen Gieder’s the executive director for Humboldt Green and puts on evens like Cannifest and the Yes We Cann! Parade. He was up against red tape when trying to get his Cannifest 2018 happening, and says the family friendly festival probably need to be at places other than fairgrounds. He says he wants folks to be able to consume products, so he was trying to make it happen in Ferndale. But apparently at a no smoking facility and there’s a city ordinance saying no pot projects near a school which is pretty close. He says now he’s going outside of the state, looking into Pennsylvania and Ohio as possible Cannifest venues.

Lakeport police beefing up their presence ahead of the 4th of July, looking for illegal fireworks use. The department’s been posting on social media what to do if you are caught with illegal fireworks. You can have “Safe and Sane Fireworks” which are being sold around town, but only in incorporated Lakeport regions only. So you can use your sparklers and fountain type fireworks on local streets or in private property if the owner permits you too. If you’re caught you could be fined as much as $50,000. For more info you can visit the Lakeport Police Department Facebook page.

A local protest takes place against the Trump Administrations immigration policies in Lakeport. There were protests across the country this past Saturday, and the Record Bee reports there was a small group of concerned citizens marching in Lakeport too, they’re against the Trump administration’s policy to separate young children and babies from their immigrant parents. The paper reports they held up signs and waved American Flags. There had been a bigger event planned near the courthouse, but apparently it was canceled at the last minute because of a bicycle race.

The County Fire, which started in Yolo County has exploded in size. The fire started to burn into Napa and Lake Counties Sunday and Monday when it was about half its current size, 60,000 acres. The fire started Sunday in Guinda. There’s now an evacuation advisory for Berryessa Highlands, Markley Cove and Pleasure Cove Resort. Those residents have been told to be prepared if the fire gets worse.

The Governor working with legislative leaders on a new bill to help ahead of wildfires. The bill authored by Bill Dodd of Napa has moved to a conference committee to deal with extreme weather conditions and natural disasters caused by climate change. There would be new rules and regulations for utility companies due to the changing climate and more severe and frequent weather events. Some of the regulations in the bill being considered are stricter fire prevention activities like vegetation removal, infrastructure maintenance, utility company inspections and temporary shut off of power during extreme weather; hold those responsible for wildfires accountable, make sure there’s enough resources to fight fires and utility companies would have to have wildfire plans in place and update them frequently.

Some DACA recipients or so-called “dreamers” are being approved to stay. The info from the Calif. Atty. General Xavier Becerra says tens of thousands trying to get their DACA status extended have been approved. This according to the last quarterly report on renewals the federal government field. The filing required after a preliminary injunction in January to preserve DACA. The court papers show as many as 45,000 more Dreamers were able to renew their deferred action and work authorization for another two years of protection.

Those evacuated due to the Pawnee Fire are still out of their homes as the fire creeps ever closer to their subdivision. Fire officials do say however the fire’s holding because of better weather conditions. The fire started June 23rd and has burned almost 15,000 acres, it’s 75% contained. Fire officials say it should be 100% contained by the end of the week. It started June 23rd northeast of Clearlake Oaks. There are still 50 structures threatened, with that mandatory evacuation in the Double Eagle Ranch subdivision east of Clearlake Oaks. 22 structures have burned including 12 homes.

Another fire has broken out, but it seems to be pretty small at the moment. The Petersburg Fire near Cecilville between Hoopa and Callahan started Sunday with some structures reportedly burned, but we don’t have exact numbers there. The fire’s burned 350 acres and 20% contained. There are evacuation orders for this fire too, for the Lakeview Ranch and Glacier View Ranch areas. There had been one in place for Big Flat too, but that one’s been downgraded to a warning. The fire’s burning three miles south of the Forest Service Petersburg station. Reporter Kym Kemp speaking to a local in the area who says they jumped on the fire themselves, seven locals battling the flames using hand tools and pumps when it first started as there were ranches closeby.

There’s a branch of the Bureau of Cannabis Control open in the North Coast. Assemblyman Jim Wood and Senator Mike McGuire jointly announcing the North Coast Regional Office of the bureau opened this week so local residents can do state business without traveling very far. The 2 state legislators got the office in the latest state budget, saying it’s a big part of the economy along the North Coast and to make farmers drive five hours or so to pay taxes was not acceptable or a good way to do business. The office is at the Humboldt County Courthouse for now until a permanent office opens later in the year.

A new committee’s been put together to discuss how to pay for the damage left behind by massive wildfires. The Legislature working on a bill that will apply to future fires, not the history making fires from last October. PG&E calling on lawmakers to change rules that currently hold them almost entirely responsible for damage. Utilities have to pay for property damage caused by their equipment, even if they’re not found negligent for maintenance or operation, under the so-called “inverse condemnation” doctrine which the Governor and lawmakers are currently looking at.

A court order in Calif. says Yelp cannot be held responsible for bad reviews, nor do they have to remove them. This after a law firm in San Francisco received bad reviews that a lower court ruled were defamatory, but the State Supreme Court ruled it could interfere with and undermine the viability of an online platform. Yelp was arguing of negative reviews were removed, that could leave a skewed assessment of restaurants and other businesses. The law firm said it was a quote “invitation to spread falsehoods on the internet without consequence." They say they’re considering taking the case to the U-S Supreme Court.

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