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A bat in Hidden Valley Lake has tested positive for rabies, so someone who got a little too close is being treated. The Lake County Public Health Dept. reports rabies is found in an animal’s saliva so people can be exposed in a number of ways. The warning to the public if you feel you may have come into contact with an infected animal to be treated immediately before you become symptomatic as the infection is almost 100% fatal. The recommendation to make sure your dogs and cats are vaccinated, you supervise pets at all times to make sure they avoid contact with wildlife and immediately get medical treatment for bites or exposures to sick or unvaccinated animals.

The County Fire has grown once again, now at 88,375 acres, but containment has also grown, to 37 percent. Cal Fire sauys the fire grew another 375 acres overnight as the fire was burning in steep, rugged terrain near the town of Guinda along Highway 16. A spokesperson for Cal Fire says the fire’s burning in rural areas where there aren’t many structures, but this morning it was threatening 110 structures. Yesterday there were 880. Nine structures have burned and total containment has been moved from Tuesday, to next Thursday instead due to the terrain the fire’s burning in. It should be a hotter weekend so the fire could still grow, but some resources are already moving to other fires.

A new fire in the Klamath National Forest, the Klamathon fire in Siskiyou County has burned 8,000 acres with little containment. Cooler temperatures helped slow the quick growth of this fire, but gusty wind was predicted between noon and 6 PM with a red flag warning for Central Siskiyou County where the fire was very active yesterday afternoon. The fire’s only 5% contained. There are evacuation orders in place. The Governor Jerry Brown has declared a state of emergency in Siskiyou County due to this fire.

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