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A man from Petaluma’s been arrested after a threat to another man using a machete in the Walmart parking lot in Ukiah. Cops say they got a report the man, Robbins Thornhill had been threatening another man, went to his car, grabbed the machete and continued his threats against the other man, only identified as being 45 years old. Police say it was a minor incident between the two men inside the store that started the whole thing, and to ended in the parking lot. Thornhill has been arrested on suspicion of “threatening great bodily harm” and booked into Mendocino County Jail.

The first meeting for the Mendocino County Board of Supervisors for July with a light schedule. The Daily Journal reports one of the items is the possible lowering of the speed limit on a short stretch of Ruddick-Cunningham Road between Talmage and Hopland. A petition circulating with residents requesting the lower speed limit on the area connecting Highway 222, or Talmage Road to Old River Road. So a traffic study was completed and the consideration would be to lower the speed limit to 25 mph. The board will also consider implementing the Mendocino County cannabis cultivation program and cannabis compliance efforts. And the board will also get an update this morning on the Mental Health Treatment Act Citizen’s Oversight Committee put together per Measure B.

A body’s been found in Cache Creek. A kayaker apparently reported the body in the water Sunday afternoon. The Lake County Sheriff’s Office says the body was found about a half of a mile away from the dam, but they don’t know how the person died. An autopsy is planned for later in the week. The sheriff’s office also says they’ve not received any missing persons reports to connect to the body.

A man from Kelseyville has been seriously injured after crashing his motorcycle into a car on the Nice-Lucerne Cutoff. Lake Co News reports 58 year old Raymond Cromwell had major injuries after the crash last Thursday afternoon. The CHP reports the man on a 2007 Harley Davidson headed west with a 2007 Pontiac G4 just ahead. The driver of that car, 22 year old Veronica Lopez of Nice was stopped, waiting for another car to make a turn when Cromwell came around a curve and couldn’t stop, hitting Lopez’s car. Then Cromwell was tossed off his bike. Bystanders rushed over to help pull Cromwell out of the road. CHP reporting he had a fractured shoulder, lacerations on his arms and the back of the head, broken ribs and a punctured lung. The other driver was uninjured.

A woman from Kelseyville has been reported missing. The Lake County Sheriff’s Office reports 67 year Sharon Foley last seen last Tuesday left her house in a white Ford Crown Victoria and has not been seen since. They also say she has bipolar disorder and was apparently not on her medications when she vanished. She cannot walk on her own and uses a wheelchair. The Sheriff’s office asking anyone who may have information about her, to call their office.

A couple of North Coast Congressmembers have visited a facility where they’re holding immigrant children, separated from their parents. Congressman Mike Thompson and his colleague Mark DeSaulnier went to a Health and Human Services facility in Pleasant Hill. The two put out a joint statement saying the facility had high standards for children located there, but that there’s no leval of care that could make up for the kids being subjected to the harmful and lasting trauma of being separated from their families.

The Contra County Sheriff’s Office says it’s broken its federal contract to hold undocumented immigrants in a jail in Richmond with ICE. This comes as the national outcry against detaining illegal families separately. The Richmond Mayor says he heard rumors of the same and that the Board of Supervisors and the sheriff’s office were working out an end to the multi-million dollar contract. The Mayor also asking for a tour of the West County Detention Facility in Richmond following allegations people being held there were possibly mistreated. But he was denied the request initially, and is set to check it out tomorrow.

The Gov. has signed a couple of bills to provide some protections to folks underinsured after the October wildfires. The first by Assemblyman Marc Levine of San Rafael to mandate certain information companies have to give to victims after a loss. This after some fire victims said it was hard to get access to the documents after the fires. The other bill by Assemblyman Jim Wood to require insurers to show the insured fire safety-related discounts they offer. That one goes into effect in 2020.

Signatures can be gathered on a petition to put an initiative on the November ballot to reverse a law allowing illegal immigrants living in California to get a driver’s license. The proposal would toss the "sanctuary state" law and stop automatic voter registration in the state too. A man organizing the drive, Don Rosenberg said to be against illegal immigration and says his plan would ensure more public safety, reduce voter fraud and prevent traffic fatalities. Since the Assembly Bill allowing driver’s licenses first became law in 2015, more than a million illegal immigrants in Calif. have been granted licenses.

A new Grand Jury report in Lake County finds the holding facility in Clearlake is not compliant with the American Disabilities Act and shows holding cells aren’t adequately monitored. The report also shows a disconnect between information on juveniles being held and that a contract with Tehama County lacked detailed information on the care of juveniles in custody. The findings after the Grand Jury inspected the juvenile hall in Red Bluff. They said adult facilities “largely met or exceeded” minimum requirements but it was the juvenile facility with concerns.

Another fire in Lake County, this in the recently scarred land from the Pawnee Fire. This one dubbed the Spring 2 Fire has burned 65 acres and is 25 percent contained. As we’ve been reporting the Pawnee Fire is largely out, 100 percent contained Sunday. 22 structures burned in the fire. The Spring 2 Fire said to be burning on Bureau of Land Management land and a tiny bit in the Mendocino National Forest.

The County fire has burned nearly 90,300 acres in Napa and Yolo counties and is 75% contained, but there are still road closures and mandatory evacuation orders in place. The fire has burned 20 structures, full containment was predicted for Thursday.

A woman in Eureka’s been arrested after cops bring a search warrant to her house finding drug dealing taking place. Special Agents from the Humboldt County Drug Task Force went to Nancy Lee Burks home last Friday and say their police dog alerted to several places in the home, finding almost a half pound of what they thought was heroin along with more than $7,000 cash, which they say was drug dealing money. The woman taken to the Humboldt County Correctional Facility and booked for possession of a controlled substance for sales.

After one neighbor called the cops on a 12 year old with a lawn mowing business, his business apparently took off. Reggie Fields of Mr. Reggie’s Lawn Cutting Business in Maple Heights, Ohio cut the wrong person’s grass and they called the cops. A woman in the neighborhood posted a video about the ordeal on Facebook, now that video’s viewed nearly a half million times. And business is booming for Reggie too. The woman saying she got a bunch of messages about how to get in touch with Reggie and his family business.


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