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Updates from the Mental Health Treatment Act Citizen’s Oversight Committee. The Sheriff at the Mendocino County Board of Supervisors meeting Tuesday saying the committee is deciding on where the new mental health facility will be. One idea is to put it in the old Howard Hospital location in Willits, but there’s been some concern from residents there. The Sheriff asking the board to reach out to their constituents on the idea. He also spoke on the second report on mental health from a consultant. The committee has all cities in the county on an email list keeping them up to date. The Sheriff also requested the board give the committee answers as they need them to speed the process along.

A man from Hopland has been injured after a solo car crash into a tree. The CHP reports the man hit a tree along Highway 20 between Willits and Fort Bragg. The patrol says the 49 year old man was in a 2011 Toyota Tacoma pick-up going east on the Hwy west of James Creek last Saturday about halfway between Fort Bragg and Willits and apparently fell asleep, hitting the tree. He was taken to a hospital in Santa Rosa with major injuries, but the patrol says he had on his seatbelt and they don’t suspect drugs or alcohol to be factors in the accident.

A north coast legislator speaking out after the Governor sets millions aside in his latest budget for offices to work on taking down black market marijuana gardens, but none of the offices would be on the North Coast where most of the illegal grows are on the North Coast. Then the legislature says no to the funding anyway. Something Assemblyman Jim Wood says he’s frustrated about. The Times Standard newspaper reports Wood requested start up funding to slow the amount of money from Prop 64 money to support smaller cannabis businesses that may not be able to comply with all the new rules. Wood also said in his statement to the paper that the Governor has not made legal cannabis a prioritu.

The City of Willits is surveying residents about a non-motorized biking or walking trail across from the North Coast Railroad Authority Tracks by Monday. The city looking to get feedback on the 1.6 mile path to run between East Commercial Street and East Hill Road. The city’s been trying to get the path funded for years. It was planned by the county with the city trying to get money in 2015 and 17 with no luck. The survey has had hundreds of responses so far. Then the city will do an urban review and put together a design idea as soon as 2019. It could be done in about a year and a half, by 2020.

FEMA has given the go-ahead to the Calif. Office of Emergency Services to repair a road damaged by the 2017 winter storms. The government will put $1.2 million forward to fix Redwood Road in Napa County. The FEMA administrator for the region says the funding will help the county recover after the severe storms and ensuing flooding and mudslides. The area declared a major disaster by the President so money is available to fix public infrastructure after the storms using FEMA’s Public Assistance program.

Firefighters working hard to finally get the County Fire in Napa and Yolo counties surrounded. And they’ve also almost got the Spring 2 fire, which started Monday in the Pawnee Trail north of the Spring Valley Lakes subdivision surrounded, it’s 80 acres and 80% contained. And the Klamathon Fire in Siskiyou County is not moving forward much more after burning 36,500 acres, it’s 55% contained. The County Fire’s the largest of the fires burning in Calif. at the moment, burning almost 90,300 acres and 83% contained as of last night. It’s destroyed 20 structures. The Klamathon fire killed on person.

A man in Clearlake has been arrested for threatening text messages sent to random people. Police say Donald Steele also resisted arrest while in possession of a billy club. The man arrested yesterday after reports of criminal threats. Police say several people got the violent text messages and reported to police someone named Don had sent them. They went to Steele’s home but say he wouldn’t come outside so officers were going to leave, but then he came out with a wooden billy club and another homemade weapon with two saw blades attached to a long wooden handle. They say he wouldn’t drop it, but after some time they tackled him as he resisted, they finally took him down. He’s booked on being in possession of an illegal weapon, resisting arrest, and annoying phone calls/text messages.

A new grant for the city of Clearlake so the city can clean up blighted properties. The city applying for the Solid Waste Disposal and Codisposal Site Cleanup Grant for just over $214,000 through CalRecycle. The grants go to cities where whoever’s responsible for the blighted property refuses or cannot clean up themselves. After the properties are cleared, they have a lien put on them for the cost of the cleanup, then CalRecycle is reimbursed from sale proceeds.


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