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[News 7/20/18]

Three people are behind bars and charged with kidnapping and killing a man from Cloverdale who had been missing since late June. Authorities say they found the body of 46 year old Jose Martinez in a marijuana garden Healdsburg earlier this week, where they say he had been buried after he was shot to death in a creek bed near the Lake and Sonoma county line. Investigators say Martinez knew at least one of those accused, identified as 34 year old Socorro Sierra of Healdsburg, thorough what they call significant marijuana dealings. Sierra and the other two suspects, who are from Santa Rosa, are all being held at Sonoma County jail without bail Authorities say this is just the latest in a series of violent drug related incidents in Sonoma County this year.

It’s been a while coming, but Mendocino County has its first Costco store. The doors to that new store on Airport Park Boulevard in Ukiah swung open Thursday and hundreds of shoppers showed up for the first day. Costco says it has are more than 9,000 members in the region, who until now had to travel out of the county to shop at its stores. Mayor Kevin Doble says the opening is a big deal because it will keep local money in the local economy, and will provide good jobs for county residents. Costco first brought up plans for a local store in 2011 but they were held up by a series of environmental and legal challenges.

A damaged phone line causing problems at the Lake County sheriff’s office. A car hit that line in the North Lakeport area on Thursday afternoon, knocking out phones at the county 9 1 1 center. 9 1 1 calls were quickly rerouted to other agencies, but other calls, including non emergency calls to the dispatch center were affected. The county says A T T has been working on the problem.

A warning about some yucky-looking and possibly toxic blue-green algae in Clear Lake near Richmond Park and Clearlake Oaks. Lake county officials say water samples have shown the algae in parts of the lake, so they are urging people to stay away from any blooms. Warning signs have also gone up where the slime has been found and county health officials say they will continue to monitor the water. Exposure to blue green algae can have some nasty side effects, like skin rash, stomach problems and flu like symptoms.

Authorities are still investigating how–and why– a car ended up in Lake Mendocino off the South Boat ramp. There was no one inside when the car was fished out of the water early Thursday, but police suspect it was driven off the ramp at a high rate of speed by a man and women who were spotted the scene.

Investigators are still trying to figure out what caused a tanker explosion at Kaiser Permanente office in Santa Rosa. The blast on Wednesday seriously injured the truck driver, who was making a delivery of oxygen to the facility about a mile north of the main Kaiser site on Old Redwood Highway. The driver is still in the hospital. Office building 5 remains closed for inspections today and Kaiser says it is contacting people who had appointments there to reschedule. The investigation includes local and state authorities but the results may not be known for months.

There’s an opening on the Lakeport Fire Protection District Board and the county Board of Supervisors is looking for someone to fill it. Applicants have to live in the district and be registered to vote in the County to be eligible for that volunteer job. You can find applications at the County Clerk’s office or online on the county website.

Clearlake residents will be able to learn more about the state of their city at a meeting set for August 1st. The City and the Chamber of Commerce will hold a presentation that will allow residents to hear directly from the Police Department, Code Enforcement, Public Works, Finance, Building Department, City Clerk, Clear Lake Chamber of Commerce, PEG TV and others in an informal gathering starting at 5:00 PM, with a formal presentation starting at 6:00. The session will take place at the Clearlake Community Center on Bowers Avenue. City manager Greg Folsom says there are a lot of good things happening in the city and that residents will have a chance to hear about them from those in charge.

President Trump has pulled the controversial nomination of a judge to California’s Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals based in San Francisco.. That after at least two Republican Senators joined with Democrats who objected to Ryan Bounds because of some writings he did while a student at Stanford in the 1990’s. Reports say Rounds was the author of several articles in a conservative campus newspaper that some viewed as racist. Rounds is currently a federal prosecutor in Oregon.

It looks like Obamacare premiums in California are going up in 2019, but not as much as they have in the last two years. The executive director of Covered California says the rates will rise on average by 8.7 percent. That’s less than the double digit increases this year and last and also less than rate increases proposed in other states.

There’s a house for sale near Los Angeles that you have seen, but probably never been to. The home shown in the opening and closings of The Brady Bunch is on the market for almost 1.9 million dollars. The current owners bought the place for $61,000 in 1973. While the OUTSIDE looks the same, the inside is nothing like the Brady house with it’s 70’s style staircase and décor and Alice’s cozy family kitchen—the interiors were shot on a set. Around 50 people are still said to drive by every day for a trip down memory lane.

Heads, you get arrested, tails, we let you go. Two cops in Georgia decided to flip a coin did when they disagreed about where a woman was speeding when they pulled her over this week. The coin came up tails and the woman was hauled off to jail. The police chief wasn’t amused though. The two officers were suspended and all charges against the driver were dropped.

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