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The Sonoma County Board of Supervisors looking to state government to help October fire survivors who had their homes over-excavated or had similar issues. As many as 240 property owners in Northern California who had the government handle their debris cleanup got letters saying complaints weren’t be resolved through a public program. Some on the board say they may have over-promised the help that could be provided because the Army Corp of Engineers didn’t properly vet contractors. The state Office of Emergency Services has another contractor helping some property owners. But the board wants the state to reach out to others who say they’re not being helped.

More water storage in Calif. if eight proposed projects are approved. It could mean 4.3 million acre-feet is funded after the California Water Commission approves conditional funding on projects like expanding existing reservoirs and beefing up groundwater storage with 21st century surface storage facilities. Those applying have to follow Proposition 1 requirements by Jan. 1st of 2022. The commission chair says after they reviewed the eight projects, they found they would bring the strongest return on investment for the public.

A man in Tokyo found with the help of Instagram after he stole some cacti. Police say the unemployed 45-year-old man, Izuru Kobayashi, stole four cactus plants from a home supply store and a security officer went to stop him, and Kobayashi punched him in the face several times. The guard lost consciousness. Kobayashi found with the help of surveillance footage, the officers went on Instagram finding an account with a name similar to his and saw some of the stolen cacti on his account. So they staked out his neighborhood and arrested him. He admitted it and said he was shoplifting and the guard wouldn’t let him go so he punched him because he likes plants.

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