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Here we go again, now two wildfires are getting close to us. They’re blazing on the border of Lake and Mendocino counties and in one day, they doubled in size. Now mandatory evacuation orders for 10,000 people near the flames along Clear Lake. Power also reportedly out for more than 40,000 people. There’s no relief ahead as temperatures are supposed to keep soaring, with low humidity and a chance of windy conditions. The evacuations over the weekend for Lakeport, Upper Lake and Nice. Sheriff Brian Martin telling residents to get their personal belongings and leave. The fires broke out Friday in Mendocino County about 14 miles from each other by Hopland and Potter Valley. Part of Hwy 20 was closed at the county line. The Ranch Fire was moving to Clear Lake. It started outside Ukiah and by last night, it had burned 16,300 acres, tripling its size in one day. The other fire, the River Fire started outside Hopland then headed to Lakeport and burned 14,200 acres. Four homes destroyed by that fire. The two fires were only 5 percent contained last night.

A power outage has been reported for at least 40,000 PG&E customers in the Mendocino-Lake county area after the fire damaged two transmission lines near Upper Lake. PG&E reported they were trying to transfer power to another line in the area, but they had to check its safety before transferring that much power over. There was also another power outage Saturday were about 53,000 people lost power, but they had their power back on by the morning yesterday.

Two young children and their great-grandma reported missing in the Redding Fire, the Carr Fire, have reportedly been found dead. The fire that plowed quickly into the city of Redding killed the 3, a bulldozer operator and another firefighter and now word of a sixth body too. The family members killed were Melody Bledsoe, and her granddaughter’s children, 5 year old James and 4 year old Emily. This fire started Thursday, jumping the Sacramento River then went thru Redding city limits.

A declared State of Emergency for Lake County because of the Mendocino Complex Fires, made up of the River and Ranch Fires. The City of Lakeport, surrounding areas, including some County offices are included in the Mandatory Evacuation. There are County employees who have lost their homes. So all County offices in Lakeport are closed today except those that are responding to the fires. The County Administrative Officer reported she’s displaced from her home and prays all other employees are safe and find shelter.

An advisory evacuation has been announced for Kelseyville, including all homes north of the Lake/Mendocino/Sonoma County lines to the shoreline of Clear Lake. Those on Bottle Rock Road and Clear Lake State Park are included for the River Fire. There’s a shelter at Mountain Vista Middle School in Kelseyville and at the Twin Pine Casino. This is not mandatory but the Sheriff’s Office telling people who can evacuate to consider doing it now in preparation for a possible mandatory evacuation order. A reminder to get all medications, important documents, make plans for pets, and notify family members where you may be going. A warning that when there’s a mandatory evacuation, it’s extremely hectic and traffic conditions can get very congested, so if you leave early, you’re helping yourself and those around you, including first responders to stay safe.

Governor Jerry Brown has declared a state of emergency due to the Mendocino Complex of Fires. The Ranch and River fires started Friday in Mendocino County then moved into Lake County in steep terrain, in extreme heat with low humidity and gusty winds. The fires are only 10% contained after consuming more than 30,000 acres together. Each fire was 5 percent contained separately. Together the fires are threatening nearly 4,600 structures. FEMA has authorized the use of federal money to help fight the fires.

A mandatory evacuation for Sutter Lakeside Hospital with 13 patients being moved out Saturday night. The E.R. and obstetrics departments stayed open as the risk was reduced quickly, but medical/surgical units and the intensive care were staying closed this weekend. Also Evergreen Lakeport Healthcare was evacuated Saturday.

Cal Fire reporting they hope to have the Mendocino Complex fully contained a week from today, Aug. 5th.

The Carr fire in Redding exploded in growth over the weekend to nearly 95,370 acres. It’s 17% contained. The fire started a week ago and destroyed 874 structures, is threatening about 5,000 more and damaged 175. Two firefighters and a great grandmother and her two great grand kids have all been killed in the fire. Late last night we learned of another death in the burn area. The Gov. has ordered state flags to be flown at half-staff for the two firefighters.

Tri Counties Bank has a Carr Fire Fund 2018 account. The bank’s put in an initial deposit of $25,000 for fire victims in communities throughout Northern California. They’re asking for others to make donations, they’ve also started a go fund me page, which we’ve posted . The money will go thru the United Way of Northern California and local nonprofit emergency relief agencies for those in immediate need.

Crews expanded the fire line around the Carr Fire burning in Shasta County. But now word of a six person dying in the fire which has blackened nearly 95,370 acres. It’s 17% contained. A victim was found yesterday in the burn area, but no identification has been released or where exactly they were found. Thousands of people are still under mandatory evacuation orders. More than 600 homes have been destroyed and another 5,000 are threatened. The cause of this fire after a car had a mechanical failire. The Shasta County Sheriff’s Office is reporting seven people are missing.

Mandatory evacuations for the City of Lakeport and surrounding areas and advisory notifications for Finley and Big Valley Rancheria to Lakeport’s south. The Ranch and River Fires reportedly started an hour apart on Friday and exploded in growth this weekend. Some businesses stayed open though thru yesterday afternoon under advisory evacuation orders.

Large animals can be taken to Redwood Riders Arena in Redwood Valley. As of last night they had taken in four horses, 2 goats, 2 Jersey cows and some baby chicks. Small animals can go to the Mendocino County Animal Shelter in Ukiah.

A mosquito sample in Lake County has come back positive for West Nile virus. The Lake County Vector Control District reports the insects collected in Lower Lake last week were the first detected with the virus this year. They found it as part of regular trapping and testing of mosquitoes through the county to find areas that may have the highest risk. There are currently 24 counties in the state that have detected West Nile Virus in 2018, reports mostly in mosquitoes. There were however twelve human cases this year so far. About 1 in 150 people get seriously ill from the virus.

There are reports of at least seven people missing the Carr Fire. The fire in Shasta County has blackened nearly 100,000 acres and is only 17% contained. Six people were killed in the fire, including two fire fighters. There had been reports of sixteen people missing, but nine have been found safe.

A dangerous heat wave is headed into the state this week with triple digit heat forecast for the Pacific Northwest with dry humidity and gusty winds. Some areas could get winds of up to 25 mph and the fire behavior could bring its own wind with it. Three firefighters from Marin County had to be treated for burns they received on their ears, hands and faces because of a "sudden blast of heat" from burning vegetation. The trio released from a hospital though. There’s been some reports of looting in abandoned homes in Redding and the local police chief says they’ve made some arrests.

Firefighters from other states have come to California to help. The California Office of Emergency Services reports the state getting help from Arizona, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, South Dakota, Wyoming and Colorado. Some other states are also sending help.

A man in Scotts Valley’s been arrested for being in a fire disaster area. Clearlake police report one of their officers assisting with patrols in the Scott’s Valley area saw a Ford Mustang in an evacuation area. An office stopped the car and spoke with the driver, Gregory Brunner of Lakeport who said he lived in the area and was going to the store, but apparently his driver license had been suspended, so he was arrested for driving on a suspended license and being in a disaster area. Cops also found a loaded handgun with the serial number removed in his car. He was taken to Lake County Jail and booked for Driving on a Suspended License, Unauthorized Person in Evacuation Area, Convicted Felon in Possession of a Firearm and other crimes and held on $25,000 bail.

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