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The containment on the Mendocino Complex grew a little, but the fire grew a lot. Dry heat with wind whipped the fires, the Ranch and River fires, which together make up the Complex. The fires have blackened more than 68,000 acres, 13,000 more than the last Cal Fire report. There are also new mandatory and advisory evacuation orders. Kelseyville was ordered to leave, and there was an advisory for Soda Bay, Riviera Heights, Buckingham Park, Riviera West, Clear Lake Riviera and parts of Loch Lomond and Cobb because of the River fire. And Lucerne has an advisory evacuation due to the Ranch fire. 10 structures have burned, including seven homes and three outbuildings. There were two other structures damaged and more than 10,000 are threatened.

No law enforcement are helping to get evacuated residents out but they are actively patrolling areas. The Sheriff reported a new evacuation shelter in Coyote Valley Elementary in Hidden Valley Lake.

A special meeting’s been called of the Lakeport City Council for an emergency declaration to be ratified. And the Board of Supervisors is having an emergency meeting this morning at 9 a.m. to ratify Sheriff Martin’s local emergency declaration. There will also be an update on the fires at the meeting. If you cannot make it, you can catch the stream online at the Lake County Facebook page:

Lake County
• Kelseyville and Finley areas, north of the Lake-Sonoma-Mendocino County Line, east of Highland Springs Road, south of the Lake and west of Bottle Rock Road and Clear Lake State Park.

• Western Lake County, west of Lucerne at Bartlett Springs Road and Highway 20, south of the fire, east of the fire, and north of the Lake-Mendocino County line to include the communities of Blue Lakes, Upper Lake, Nice, Lakeport, Witter Springs, Bachelor Valley, Scotts Valley and Saratoga Springs.

Mendocino County
• Potter Valley community; all areas north of Highway 20, east of the fire edge, to the Mendocino-Lake County line, south of Burris Lane to MeWhinney Creek and east of Eastside Potter Valley Road, to include feeder roads utilizing Burris Lane east to the Mendocino-Lake County line.

• Highway 20 area from one mile south of Highway 20, east of Potter Valley Road, south of MeWhinney Creek, and west of Mendocino-Lake County line.

• Pine Avenue area of Potter Valley north of Burris Lane, east of Eastside Potter Valley Road, south of 10511 Eastside Potter Valley Road, and west of the Lake-Mendocino County line.

• Midmountain Road area, north of 10551 Eastside Potter Valley Road, east of Eastside Potter Valley Road, south of 11385 Eastside Potter Valley Road, west of Mendocino-Lake County Line.

• Hopland area north of Highway 175, east of mile marker 5.6 on Highway 175, south of the fire and west of the Mendocino-Lake County line.

Lake County
• Soda Bay, Riviera Heights, Buckingham Park, Riviera West, Clear Lake Riviera, portions of Loch Lomond and Cobb. The advisory includes all residents living north of Lake-Sonoma County Line, east of Bottle Rock Road, south of Clear Lake and west of Soda Bay Road, Red Hills Road, and Highway 175, including the subdivisions of Soda Bay, Riviera Heights, Buckingham Park, Riviera West, and Clear Lake Riviera west of Soda Bay Road.

• Mendocino National Forest within the boundaries of Lake County.

• Lake Pillsbury basin and surrounding areas.

• North of Bartlett Springs Road, east of the Ranch Fire, south of the Lake-Mendocino-Glenn
County line, and west of Lake-Colusa County line.

• Lucerne and Paradise Valley areas, north of Clear Lake, east of the Ranch fire, south of Bartlett Springs Road, west of Paradise Valley Drive.

Mendocino County
• North of 8000 block of River Road to Yokayo Ranch Road.

• South of 8000 Old River Road, east of the Russian River, north of Highway 175, west of mile marker 5.6 on Highway 175.

Lake County
• Highway 175, at Highway 29 to westbound traffic
• Elk Mountain Road at Middle Creek Road
• Highway 20, westbound at Highway 29
• Highway 20, westbound at Bartlett Springs Road
• Soda Bay Road at Clark Road
• Highway 29, northbound at Cole Creek
• Bottle Rock Road at Cole Creek Road

Mendocino County
• Highway 175, at Old River Road to eastbound traffic
• Midmountain at Eastside Potter Valley Road
• Mill Creek Road, half a mile east of Old River Road
• Pine Avenue at Eastside Potter Valley Road
• Highway 20 at Potter Valley Road
• Elk Mountain Road south of Pillsbury Road

Evacuation shelters offer overnight accommodations.

• Mendocino College, Dance Room, 1000 Hensley Creek Road, Ukiah
• Coyote Valley Elementary, 18950 Coyote Valley Road, Hidden Valley Lake
• Lower Lake High School, 9430 Lake St.
• Twin Pine Casino, 22223 Highway 29, Middletown

Lake County

Large livestock can be taken to Cole Creek Equestrian Center, 4985 Steelhead Drive, Kelseyville, telephone 707-279-0915; or to Helen Owens’ A1 Horse Programs, 18585 Guenoc Lane, Hidden Valley Lake, telephone 707-355-0121.

Lake Evacuation and Animal Protection has been activated and is still offering animal evacuation support services. Call Lake County Animal Care and Control Department at 707-263-0278. Phones are answered by staff between 8 a.m. and 11 p.m.

The Animal Care and Control Shelter is not accepting pets at this time.

The SPCA of Clear Lake, 8025 Highway 29, is open 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily and is accepting senior pets, or pets with medical issues and/or heat distress.

If you can keep your pets with you, please do so. Pet supplies are delivered to all open evacuation shelters regularly.

Mendocino County
Redwood Riders Arena, 8300 East Road, Redwood Valley is accepting horses.

Mendocino County Animal Care, 298 Plant Road, Ukiah is accepting small animals.

A man from Montara has been arrested for being in a mandatory evacuation zone in Lakeport. Police say
Shawn Morrison was arrested for prowling and unauthorized entry into a closed emergency area. Lakeport Police say he was driving by with no shirt on, looking into windows of homes left empty because of mandatory evacuations. Morrison telling police he was there to pick up items from a relative’s home, but they found he was not from the area and did know about the mandatory evacuations. He was booked into jail on $5,000 bail.

The Mendocino Complex of fires, the Ranch and River are now at nearly 68,500 acres with a total of 10% containment, 5% each. Seven homes and three outbuildings have been destroyed and more than ten thousand are threatened. There are new mandatory evacuations for Kelseyville and Finley, and several advisory notifications were also in effect.

There are free bus rides from Lake Transit near Kelseyville and Finley with an emergency shelter at the Clearlake Senior Center, but there were no overnight accommodations there. There were some mandatory evacuation orders lifted yesterday in Hopland, where the mandatory was lifted to advisory.

One report of a firefighter injury related to a bulldozer, but not a lot more info on that.

Some local shelters are asking for donations of food. The shelters that were reported for overnight stays include Mendocino College, Lower Lake High and Twin Pines Casino in Middletown.

Sutter Lakeside Hospital in Lakeport is still closed after several patients were taken to hospitals not in fire danger areas. The inmates at Lake County Jail were also evacuated and taken to Alameda County, with Lake County Jail staff tending to them. But no visitors were allowed.

The Lake County Air Quality Management District has put out an Unhealthy to Very Unhealthy report regarding current particulate levels in the county. There were also areas that were considered at “Hazardous” levels.

The Lakeport City Council has ratified, what’s become almost routine every summer, a local emergency declaration. At the council meeting yesterday, with only three council members in attendance, they ratified the declaration by City Manager Margaret Silveira for the local emergency in Lakeport.

A man’s been arrested in an evacuation area in Lakeport, while riding a bike. Police say the man couldn’t give a reason for being in the area and that he had burglary tools in his possession. Police also say they’re not tolerating anyone in evacuation areas, stopping anyone and investigating them.

Gas stations and evacuation shelters are reportedly struggling to keep up with demand as 10,000 or more people had been told to leave their homes due to the Mendocino Complex fires. There are reports of as many as 300 evacuees at the Clearlake Oaks Moose Lodge, with many people coming in to get away from the smoke too. They’re looking for more donations of food and water. Gas stations have a lower fuel supply because some deliveries had to be canceled due to road closures and evacuations. But some south of Lakeport and Kelseyville apparently have higher reserves of fuel.

The fires now are the most destructive in Lake County due to acreage lost since 2015.

It’s been a destructive summer for wildfires again in Lake County. Land burned the last ten years or so in eastern and southeastern sections of the county, some residents having to evacuate several times.

New Mandatory Evacuations ordered by the Lake County Sheriff’s office in Kelseyville and Finley due to the River Fire. It’s for areas north of the Sonoma-Lake-Mendocino County Line, east of Highland Springs Road, south of Clear Lake, and west of Bottle Rock Road out north to Clear Lake State Park including the communities of Kelseyville and Finley. There’s also an Evacuation Advisory for the Mendocino National Forest within the boundaries of Lake County, and the Lake Pillsbury Basin and surrounding area
North of Bartlett Springs Road, east of the Ranch Fire, south of the LakeMendocino-Glenn
County Line, and west of Lake-Colusa County Line, The Lucerne and Paradise Valley areas, north of Clear Lake, east of the Ranch Fire, south of Bartlett Springs Road, west of Paradise Valley Drive

The fire in Redding, the Carr Fire’s burned nearly 104,000 acres after burning since last Monday, starting in the area of Highway 299 and Carr Powerhouse Road. The fire’s only 23 percent contained. Six people killed in the fire including two firefighters. The fire’s destroyed more than 800 homes, damaged nearly 170 and threatens another 4,000 or more. The fire is burning in dry fuel, hot heat and windy conditions in steep drainages. The Salvation Army and the Red Cross are asking for volunteers to sign up and need help at shelters with more than 38,000 people evacuated with several more under advisories they may need to leave soon.

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