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The Mendocino Complex Fire, the River and Ranch Fires still threatening homes and together have become the 4th largest fire in Calif. history. County offices in Lakeport had been closed, but reopen today. All Lakeport-based County offices and the Lakeport Branch of the Superior Court are open for business today.

It was an easier day for firefighters on the Eel Fire in Covelo. Calmer winds and lower temperatures helped firefighters get the fire 60 percent contained. The fire’s holding at 972 acres. Firefighters were mopping up smoldering brush and vegetation. Yesterday they said there was minimal fire behavior and it was just mostly smoldering and creeping, but it’s going to be warmer and no rain is forecast.

Highway 20 between the 101 and Highway 29 have re-opened in both directions,
but Highway 20 will stay closed east of Highway 29. And Highway 29 is open for both directions of travel south of Highway 20.

Two men in Lower Lake have been arrested for impersonating police. Deputies spotted
the two, Mark Nielson, and the other, Javier Rosalesperaza who they knew was on Post Community Release Supervision with a suspended Driver License. Deputies say the two were acting extremely nervous and noticed a police red/blue light on the dash of the vehicle and a police style baton and a police duty belt, traffic vest and other items commonly used in burglaries. There was also a wallet with bank cards and an ID of a third person. The two couldn’t explain some of the items they had. They were arrested, Nielsen, for Possession of Burglary Tools, Police Impersonation, Possession of Stolen Property, and Driving on a Suspended License. Rosalesperaza for Possession of Burglary Tools and Police Impersonation.

More arrests for being in Mandatory Fire Evacuation Areas. Police say there was a car in Clearlake Oaks Saturday and they recognized the driver from the day before, Brett John Hill Jr. who they say said he thought it was ok to return home, he was ticketed for Unauthorized Person in an Evacuation Area. The same day a woman, Summerr Mae Waters Abreu was seen taking a bike out of a motorhome, she had already been warned to leave an evacuation area, so she was cited for Unauthorized Person in an Evacuation Area. Later that morning, Justin Hayes Arriaga was spotted trying to go into his home, then riding a bike nearby, so he was cited for Unauthorized Person in an Evacuation Area. In Lucerne a man was yelling at bulldozer operators so he was arrested, George Contreras smelling like booze, told cops he used to be a fireman and could go home, but they arrested him for Unauthorized Person in an Evacuation Area and Public Intoxication. Also in Lucerne, Michael Lewismabery was found with a suspended driver license and he had an active arrest warrant, so he was arrested after being warned a day before not to be in the area. He was booked for the arrest warrant, Unauthorized Person in an Evacuation Area, and Driving on a Suspended License.

No longer Mandatory, now just Evacuation Advisories for North Lakeport; north of the Scotts Valley Road and Hill Road intersection, east of Hill Road, south of Nice-Lucerne Cutoff Road, and west of Clear Lake. This will include all driveways and streets accessed from Hill Road.

The Governor has announced the federal government has approved the Presidential Major Disaster Declaration for the Carr Fire in Shasta County. Governor Brown saying the fires burning in the state are part of a trend, and the new normal… and that horrible situations like this bring people together regardless of the lesser kind of ideologies and partisan considerations. This comment as President Trump agreed to the Major Disaster Declaration which covers 75% of the costs for firefighting and helps fire victims access federal programs and support, including housing assistance, food aid, unemployment assistance, counseling and medical services and legal services. Right now there are 17 major fires burning across the state.

The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office reaching out to the public for help finding a man wanted for the attempted murder of his estranged wife. On the Sheriff’s Facebook page, they’ve posted a wanted notice for Gerald Orth who they suspect used an explosive device to try to kill his wife. They report he might be on his way to Arizona and was seen driving a white, 1995 Ford Van, with Disabled plates DP668VX. They say it’s an old “Roto Rooter” van that was painted over, but some of the lettering was still visible through the paint. They also report the man’s a sex registrant with a felony history who they say might be in possession of a firearm. A picture of him is posted on the Facebook update.

A Caltrans Supervisor patrolling thru a fire zone reportedly helped some locals leave the area of the Mendocino Complex Fire. Kym Kemp reporting Mike Quinliven, the Caltrans Supervisor for Special Tree Crew South helped some folks as the fire jumped Highway 20. The victims posted on Facebook they were surrounded by thick smoke and fast moving flames when Quinliven told them to follow him. Quinliven reportedly pulled over himself and called the CHP to get the road closed since the fire was burning on both sides. The woman who Quinliven helped posted the thank you to him.

The Mendocino Complex fires have grown tens of thousands of acres over the weekend in hot, dry weather. The fire’s picked up another 38,000 acres yesterday alone, now having blackened 267,000 acres, making it the fourth largest wildfire in state history. The Thomas Fire in Ventura and Santa Barbara counties last December just barely ahead, that one was stopped at nearly 282,000 acres. Last October’s Tubbs Fire is the most destructive fire in state history. The bigger fire in the Mendocino Complex, the Ranch Fire has no sign it’ll be out soon, at just 23% contained. It blew up another 100,000 acres in the last two days. State Senator Mike McGuire says there’s a good chance the fire will become the largest fire in California history. The Ranch and River fires together are 33 percent contained. 68 homes have been destroyed.

A man from Fort Bragg has major injuries after being hit by a car while he was walking on Highway 1. The CHP reports 59 year old Peter Howe was airlifted to Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital in critical condition. The crash just after midnight Saturday on the highway about a mile south of the Noyo River bridge. The driver of the car has been identified as Tricia Godwin of Fort Bragg. Alcohol or drugs are not considered a factor, but the crash is being investigated.

PG&E reportedly supporting a plan that could be authorized by the state to cover liability claims and pay October fire survivors, but with ratepayers wallets. It’s called securitization, a bill authored by an assemblyman in the East Bay so there’s a quick settlement of damage claims from the 2017 fires. If it passes, it would mean PG&E could sell state-authorized bonds to finance billions of dollars in wildfire damages. The utility’s customers would buy them as part of charges on their power bills. PG&E is facing more than 200 lawsuits after the October firestorm. The utility’s VP of strategy and policy says this is the right way to maintain customer cost at a manageable level. But State Senator Bill Dodd says the plan is flawed. He’s on a committee trying to come up with ways to strengthen disaster preparedness and find ways electric utilities will be held accountable.


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