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A man reported missing found by rangers patrolling MacKerricher State Park. Mendocino County Sheriff’s Deputies called to help State Park Rangers who found a car registered to a missing person, Eric Miskey of Chico, who also had a felony warrant for his arrest for evading law enforcement. A ranger tried to contact Miskey to arrest him, but he took off into the campground. He then drove thru a fence, barely clipping a ranger on the ground. Deputies chased him thru the park, reaching speeds of up to 90 MPH, swerving in and out of traffic onto Highway 1. Cops finally caught him after he stopped and hid in a field, then went across the highway into Fort Bragg. He then gassed it over a ditch and ditched cops. A small fire started too after a cop car went into that ditch. The fire put out and Miskey got away, last seen headed south on Highway 1 from Airport Road.

The Mendocino Complex fire is now the largest in state history. The twin fires, the Ranch and River have blackened 443 square miles which is almost the size of the city of Los Angeles. Nearly 284,000 acres have burned. The fires have broken the record set by the Thomas Fire which burned last December in Ventura and Santa Barbara counties. That fire destroyed more than 1,000 structures and killed 2 people. The Mendocino Complex is 30 percent contained and is mostly burning in remote areas away from most structures. The fire’s threatening 11,300 structures with hotter weather and more intense heat within the fire itself. The firefighters on the fire had reported making progress over the weekend, but lost some containment on the larger of the two fires, the Ranch Fire, which has burned 235,000 acres alone.

Mendocino-Lake Community College District says they’re re-opening after being closed due to the Mendocino Complex Fire. The center is opening next Monday, August 13th ahead of the upcoming fall semester which starts August 20th. The center’s been closed since July 30th after a mandatory evacuation for the city of Lakeport. The school district bringing in restoration experts so it’s safe for students and staff to be back at the center. The campus in Ukiah is an Evacuation Center working with Mendocino County and the American Red Cross.

The following Evacuation Warning/Advisory for both Mendocino and Lake County areas have been lifted: Mendocino County Warning Lift: South of Mill Creek Road in Talmage, east of the Russian River, east of Old River Road and Highway 101 in Hopland, all areas north of the Mendocino-Sonoma County Line, and all areas west of the Mendocino-Lake County Line. Lake County Advisory Lift: South of 11th Street and Riggs Road; west of Clear Lake, Highland Springs Road, and Big Valley Road; north of the Lake-Mendocino County Line; and east of Lake Mendocino County Line.

The following areas have been reduced to an Evacuation Advisory and may return to their homes: Southern Scotts Valley Road area; north of the Scotts Valley Road/Hill Road intersection, east of the South Cow Mountain Recreation area, west of SR 29, and south of the north Hendricks Road/Scotts Valley Road intersection. This will include Scotts Valley Road from Hill Road to Hendricks Road, Hendricks Road, Dessie Drive, Eickhoff Road, and Pear View Road.

A man shot in the leg being investigated as a possible attempted murder. Police say they got a call and responded with the Ukiah Valley Fire Authority for a man who reportedly accidentally shot himself. But they say the man gave them conflicting reports about what happened, including being shot by an unknown suspect on the railroad tracks. They then came to the conclusion the guy probably didn’t shoot himself. They’ve also not figured out where the shooting happened or what weapon was used in the shooting. The man taken to a hospital and released the next day.

The evacuation advisory and road closures for the Eel Fire near Covelo, all lifted. The fire’s now 60 percent contained and it has not grown in several days. Fire managers saying the area’s safe for the public and residents, but they warn to use caution to travel in the area as there are still firefighters and equipment in the area. They’re mopping up smoldering vegetation, reinforcing containment lines and taking down dead standing trees which are a threat to firefighters on the line. The fire charred 972 acres.

Animal Care & Control in Lakeport is taking in animals who have to be evacuated with their owners due to the Mendocino Complex fires. The shelter’s just re-opened itself after evacuation orders. They report there are about 300 animals there right now, including chickens, goats, horses, alpaca and a tortoise. Residents were allowed to come in yesterday to pick up their animals or to come in and visit their animals if they’re still being cared for at the shelter or another location during the countywide emergency. There are animals also being housed at the SPCA facility in Kelseyville, horses at several different stables in Middletown, Kelseyville and Lower Lake, and others.

Tens of thousands of people have been told to leave their homes since the Ranch and River fires broke out. The fires together, the massive Mendocino Complex fires, now the largest ever in the state. They’ve burned nearly 284,000 acres by last night after first starting July 27th. The Ranch Fire alone has burned 235,000 acres and is only 21 percent contained. The River Fire has blackened almost 49,000 acres, it’s 58 percent contained. 75 homes and 68 other structures have been destroyed by the fires, with another 11,300 structures threatened. There was hotter, dry weather yesterday with strong winds reported. The Ranch Fire has burned into Mendocino, Lake and Colusa counties now but the River Fire is being held with backfires in the Cow Mountain area. The two fires burned almost 17,000 acres yesterday making it the worst fire to ever burn in the state. But not the most destructive, that’s the Tubbs Fire which burned in Sonoma County last October.

A man accused of tossing an explosive under a Sonoma County sheriff’s patrol car in Guerneville apparently doesn’t like the Sheriff’s Office. The Sheriff’s Dept. arrested 22 year old Tristan Proto of Santa Rosa for the explosive at a Safeway store. He was reportedly high on meth when he and a friend left Forestville before heading to Guerneville, but the two split up after an argument. Then police say Proto lit a firework and threw it under the vacant patrol car. It’s described as an M-80, which is illegal. An off-duty Napa County sheriff’s deputy was on scene and helped stop Proto, tackling him to the ground. One Safeway employee reportedly knocked over by the explosion, but there were no other injuries. The store was evacuated for a time. Proto in jail on suspicion of using an explosive with the intent to injure and for breaking the terms of his probation.

You can see many of the fires burning in Calif. From the International Space Station. Images that were recently released from NASA show the Carr and Ferguson fires in Northern Calif with massive plumes of smoke hovering over the state. The European Space Agency astronaut aboard the station caught the pictures and captioned it, “California burning.” Adding the fires were frightening to watch, even from space. And gave a shout out from space to all firefighters on the planet, his former colleagues. The Carr fire, burning in Shasta County, has charred 164,000 acres, igniting after a trailer’s tire went flat and sent sparks out from it. Seven people have been killed in the fire which also spurred a fire tornado with winds of up to 143 miles per hour. And the other visible fire from the space station, the Ferguson, threatening Yosemite National Park and surrounding areas, has burned more than 91,000 acres and is 38% contained.

A regular meeting for the Lake County Board of Supervisors but they’ll reconsider the local health emergency due to the Mendocino Complex. The board will also get an update on the fires today and consider a fall ballot measure for a possible cannabis business tax ordinance. The meeting this morning can be watched online at the County’s website, under calendar. The board is hearing a status on the Mendocino Complex fire which is now the largest ever in state history.

The National Night Out in Clearlake is postponed due to the Mendocino Complex fire. It was supposed to take place tonight with local law enforcement, fire and other public safety officers, but they’re all working on the Mendocino Complex fire. Also air quality is not the best. Clearlake’s new police chief says employees, volunteers and community partners worked hard on the event, which is disappointing. But he says the city will continue their partnership with the community, consistent with the spirit of National Night Out, to make neighborhoods safer, more caring places to live.

There are now 14,000 firefighters on the lines across the state as 16 major fires are burning. The fires have destroyed more than 2,000 homes and killed nine people. The Mendocino Complex, the largest of them all, burning in grass around Clearlake, in Lake, Colusa and Mendocino counties. The fire’s charred land bigger than the cities of San Jose, San Francisco, Oakland and Sacramento put together. The fire nearly doubled its size this past weekend. It’s burned 75 homes and 68 other buildings. Also burning in Northern Calif., the Carr Fire, has destroyed nearly 1,100 homes and killed seven people, burning mostly now in rural areas west of Shasta Lake. That fire has burned 164,000 acres.


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