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Town hall where Supervisors report on fire recovery process for the October 2017 Redwood Valley Fire and the Mendocino Complex Fire. The Daily Journal reports a representative from the Planning and Building Services Dept saying more than 60 administrative permits for temporary trailers have been approved and 65 applications have been submitted. There’s also several building permits issued. The county working with nonprofits regarding the fire recovery, working with residents and the county. There’s not going to be disaster recovery center or local assistance center in Mendocino County, but there will be in Lake County. Cal Fire will also have money available to remove hazardous trees from the 2017 fires. They will assess the same for the Mendocino Complex. The fire should be fully contained by Sept. 1st.

A man on the run and a possible witness after a bank robbery in Ukiah. Police asking the public for help after a call to the Chase Bank on S. State Street Tuesday afternoon for a robbery, where the bank says a man gave a teller a threatening note and they turned over cash to him. The man then took off and police say they’re also seeking a woman who may have seen the crime. The suspect’s described as a white man wearing a dark blue beanie, black sweatshirt with a “3” on the front, a dark jacket over it, khaki pants and black-and-white shoes with sunglasses, plus several Band-aids that were partially covering his face.

At a community meeting regarding the Mendocino Complex fires, we find Cal Fire is working on more containment of the fire with all lines held on the smaller, River fire. The Cal Fire Operations Chief addressed residents saying they should have 90-95% containment on that fire by last night. We’ll have updated numbers soon… All of the evacuated areas of Lake County due to the River Fire have been allowed home. But there are still others evacuated due to the larger, Ranch Fire. The fire had been seeing explosive growth in previous days, but containment levels are also going up. There are still up to 2,000 people evacuated due to the Ranch Fire. The twin fires are now the largest fire to ever burn in Calif. Postal delivery will start again for Upper Lake, Nice, Lucerne and Clearlake Oaks. PG&E was at the meeting too reporting on damage to equipment and that were still about 200 people without power.

Air Quality Management personnel telling folks not to clean ash themselves when they return home from being evacuated and that it could be dangerous and filled with lead, arsenic, and asbestos.

Congressmen John Garamendi, Mike Thompson and Jared Huffman have jointly sent a letter to the White House requesting a major disaster declaration from President Trump for the Steele Fire and the Mendocino Complex. The letter requesting individual and public assistance grants for Lake, Napa, and Mendocino Counties. The letter comes after Thompson told the Record Bee last week he would do all he could and would try to find a way to get help on the Carr Fire in Redding and the Mendocino Complex Fires. The White House already approved the declaration of disaster for the Carr Fire.

The State Superintendent of Public Instruction looking for support for legislation to improve mental health services for students. Superintendent Tom Torlakson asking teachers, parents, school board members, community leaders and residents to support mental health awareness and treatment, suicide prevention, and school safety before the Legislature finishes its 2017–18 session. Torlakson saying kids need strong mental health to succeed in class and life, something schools can help with by creating a caring and supportive environment and identify mental health problems early so students can be treated as soon as possible.

The Mendocino Complex Fire has burned more than 300,000 acres now, with the Ranch Fire the largest of the two burning more than a quarter million acres. The Ranch Fire is 47 percent contained, only increasing a couple thousand acres the last day, after days of explosive growth. The River Fire has not had forward movement in days, holding at just under 49,000 acres, it’s 81% contained. There are 119 homes destroyed and another 110 buildings. 12 homes and 15 other buildings have been damaged. 2 firefighters have been injured in the fire, which earlier this week was dubbed the largest fire to ever burn in California. The fire is still threatening 9,200 structures.

A local assistance center is opening in Lucerne for those impacted by the Mendocino Complex fire. The center opening tomorrow at the Lucerne Alpine Senior Center and will be open for one week from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Several organizations will be set up there including the American Red Cross, North Coast Opportunities, Habitat for Humanity, Lake County Behavioral Health, the Social Security Administration and more. There will be food, medical care, help with pets, debris removal services and help replacing vital records or driver’s licenses.

For more information, contact the Department of Social Services, 707-995-4260.

Officials warning those going back to their homes to be mindful of ash and burn debris. A reminder that debris and ash from homes and other structures can be toxic and contain hazardous materials. Also household hazardous waste like gasoline, cleaning products, pesticides, and other chemicals that was stored in homes, garages, or sheds could have burned in the fire. You can become exposed when sifting through and/or moving ash and debris which can send ash into the air and it can then be inhaled or ingested. The county says its working to get help from state agencies for the proper handling and disposal of debris and ash from the fire.

Thousands of residents around Clearlake get to go back home after being threatened for almost two weeks by the Mendocino Complex. The fire’s scorched more than 302,000 acres now, with the Ranch Fire still moving, but the River Fire looking like it’s holding at just under 49,000 acres. As many as 9,000 people got to finally go home yesterday, in the communities of Lucerne, Upper Lake, Nice, Pepperwood Grove, Paradise Valley, Glenhaven and Clearlake Oaks. There are still about 1,200 people evacuated, the majority east of Clear Lake, including around 900 in Spring Valley and 200 in Double Eagle.


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