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The Mendocino Complex Fire brings out a a celebrity chef to cook for those affected by the massive fire. A nonprofit started by chef José Andrés cooking outside for law enforcement officers, firefighters and those who have been evacuated. It started Monday at Middletown High, part of World Central Kitchen’s #ChefsForCalifornia campaign. The idea for volunteer chefs and community members helping in disaster areas , preparing meals for evacuees and those working the front lines. They’re preparing as many as 2,200 meals a day which the Red Cross delivers to four area shelters. Then last night World Central Kitchen delivered a couple hundred meals to first responders.

It’s been almost two weeks to the day that the Mendocino Complex fires started. They’ve now become the largest wildfire ever in California, burning more than 304,000 acres and destroying 119 homes. The larger of the two, the Ranch Fire grew more than 2,300 more acres over night and is now the 6th largest fire ever to burn in Calif. It’s blackened 255,482 acres and is 48 percent contained. The smaller of the complex fire, the River, is holding at just under 49,000 acres and was 84% contained this morning. 9,200 structures are still threatened, and 2 firefighters have been injured.


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