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Mendocino County has closed the Mendocino Complex Fire Evacuation shelter at Mendocino College. Residents can still get help from the County’s Health and Human Services Agency for those still under Evacuation Orders. Those who need help can call their Adult Services Dept. at 707-463-7900. Lake County still has shelters for county residents, all listed on the Cal Fire incident page.

There was a quick press conference last night to announce the death of the firefighter who was working an active area of the fire yesterday and got injured. He was airlifted to a hospital where he died. Cal Fire Incident Chief Sean Kavanaugh says they’re dedicated to investigate what happened. Mendocino County Sheriff Tom Allman saying anyone can get hurt in a big and dangerous fire..

And the Lake County Sheriff Brian Martin also spoke out saying the firefighter’s death is a “stark reminder of how dangerous this career is.” And said they’d honor the memory of the fallen firefighter “by continuing to serve people we’ve never met.”

For some reason river fish are thriving after the Carr Fire in Shasta County. That may be because there’s more water for Klamath and Trinity river fish. The dam that controls the Bureau of Reclamation has doubled flows on the Trinity since late last month that’s to continue emergency operations at the Trinity Power Plant, which was impacted by the fire. And smoke is cooling the water as fall-run salmon head back to the Klamath River estuary. Dam releases will start again to the Trinity River and lower Klamath River later this month.

Helicopters have a place to land for temporary incidents in Willits. The Willits Municipal Airport Ells Field now has a spot to land for visiting air attack fire crews and is now closed to public use for the time being. About seven aircraft utilizing the space for their choppers, crews, fuel trucks, mechanics and so many others. It’s in a direct flight path apparently to the Mendocino Fire Complex. So over the weekend there were some choppers there ready to fly over the fire with buckets of water, some can hold as much as 3,000 gallons of water.

A man from Upper Lake accused of the murder of his wife is being held on one million dollars bail. It happened last month, police arresting William Henry in connection to the death of his wife Cindi who was found by family members, dead. The man was not around when police got to the scene. He was found and arrested soon after though without incident. Witnesses at a preliminary hearing say the woman choked to death by mechanical asphyxiation. An arraignment now set for Henry on Monday.

2 men accused of murdering another man during a home invasion in Clearlake awaiting their trial. David Ward of Oakland and Daniel McRae of Santa Rosa accused of murder, attempted murder and robbery for the home invasion in November of 2016. Police say the men went to a home with an automatic rifle and ordered everyone inside down. But they say 24-year-old Brandon McAfee refused and the gun went off during a struggle with the suspects. He died at a hospital. Ward was arrested in January and McRae in February. The two believed to have been involved in a drug deal gone wrong, now facing a court date Sept. 26th in the case.

Managers of the Sho-Ka-Wah casino in Hopland say they’re closing due to the Mendocino Complex fires. They’ve also planned renovations so they’ll reopen when all is done. The announcement on their Facebook that they were forced to close due to the fires, thanking community members for messages of support and concern. The casino also laid off all team members for the time being. The casino had been closed at the start of the Mendocino Complex fires July 30th as a safety precaution. Management says they’re not sure when their renovations will be complete and to check their Facebook page for updates.

A man from Clearlake suspected of killing three of his four kids, shooting the other and killing himself apparently on the run from cops for some time. The Press Democrat reports Ricardo Garcia Lopez had been on the run for sometime after a domestic battery complaint in July. He ran before police arrived then and was not arrested. But apparently the case was being reviewed when his wife called about the shooting this weekend. He was found dead in their driveway with a gun near him. 3 of his four kids dead in an SUV in the driveway, the fourth with gunshot wounds to the chest, now in stable condition. He was in jail in March on corporal injury on a spouse and pleaded no contest. He got four days in jail and other punishment, plus a restraining order. After he missed a hearing there was a warrant for his arrest for which he was arrested but never showed back up.

The Mendocino Complex is now one huge fire, the Ranch Fire as the River Fire is 100% contained. The River will still have firefighters on the scene patrolling to make sure there are no hot spots smoldering. But the Ranch Fire was still growing on its northern side. The southern side, along Hwy. 20, has almost been contained, but by Lake Pillsbury, firefighters were protecting structures in the Rice Forks area. They’re also working to hold the fire south of Stonyford in Colusa County. The River Fire has stayed just under 49,000 acres for some time now, but the Ranch Fire has gone over the 300,000 acre mark and is 59% contained. The fires have burned 146 homes and 118 other structures. About 1,000 structures are threatened. Besides the firefighters death, two other injuries to firefighters were also reported.

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