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The latest update from Cal Fire puts the Ranch fire at 72 percent contained. Crews continue to battle both the fire and the weather, with the dry hot conditions in the steep rugged terrain. The main threat continues to be communities north of the fire perimeter.

Lake County residents have heard from CalFire and local officials about the fires. At a meeting on Thursday, those officials say they remain confident that the Ranch fire will be 100 contained by Labor day and that while the River fire is fully contained, crews are still working to make sure it doesn’t kick back up again. While the meeting focused on recovery, officials say they are urging people to be very careful as they slowly move back into areas that have been effected by the fires.

The state insurance commissioner has seen first hand some of the damage caused by the Mendocino Complex fires. Commissioner Dave Jones was in Lake County on Thursday, stopping at several burned properties and at local assistance centers set up to help fire victims. He admits insurance concerns will be high in the list of those who’s live have been impacted but he says his office will do everything it can to help out. Jones also says he has been impressed by efforts for those in need.

The state senate has paid tribute to the firefighter who died while fighting the fire near Lake Pillsbury earlier this week. State Senator Mike McGuire says the people of California owe a debt of gratitude to the family of Utah firefighter Matthew Burchett who answered the call of duty far from home. McGuire adjourned the senate session on Thursday with a moment of silence of Battalion Chief Burchett.

The wildfires here are effecting air quality across a large swath of north America. NASA’s Jet propulsion Laboratory says the noxious carbon monoxide gas from the fires is drifting east the air quality in several states. Satellite images show hazy smoky conditions reaching as far east as New York and Eastern Canada.

The ballot has been set for November’s City council election in Ukiah. There are 3 seats up for election and four new candidates, according to the County Registrar of voters. The candidates are Ed Haynes, Matt Froneberger, Juan Orozco, Chon Travis. Two of three incumbents, Jim Brown and Maureen Mulheren are also seeking re election. Mayor Kevin Doble is not running for another term.

The deadline for filing for November’s municipal election has passed and in Lakeport, there may not even have be a vote because there are two seats up and only two candidates. Mayor Mireya Turner and Councilwoman Stacey Mattina both have filed for re election and based on election law, the city council can simply re appoint them to new terms.

The Clearlake city council has voted to ban any new tobacco businesses in the city for now. The temporary ordinance blocks those businesses for at least the next 45 days, until a more permanent solution can be considered. City leaders say those new shops, including hookah and vapor lounges pose an immediate threat to public health. The mayor says the city needs a clear definition of what is allowed and where the shops can set up and council members say they will eventually re-write the zoning code to better regulate tobacco related business within the city limits.

No moratorium for now on new winery permits in Sonoma County. Supervisor Linda Hopkins says the county can’t impose a ban on new permits as it considers some new regulations on the industry. About 1,000 people have signed a petition calling for that ban until those new regulations can be drawn up, but Hopkins told a meeting on Thursday that even tough the residents are upset with some winery events , that isn’t enough to justify a moratorium.

No bail for a man on parole in Willits who was found on social media, even though he wasn’t supposed to be online. 25 year old Jonathan Hoppner was on parole from Sonoma county when he was arrested in Mendocino County and charged with violating the state’s sex offender law. He has several sexual battery convictions and is considered a high risk offender.

Local events are planned in the area for Suicide awareness week in September. Among them, the second annual suicide awareness walk, scheduled for the Mendocino College track on Hensley Creek Road September 8th from 6:00 PM to Midnight. There will be a remembrance ceremony and speakers before the walk begins.

Metal in the air this weekend for the 5th annual Redwood Metalfest in Ukiah. The event takes place Saturday from 12:30 PM until well after dark at the Alex Thomas Plaza. Organizers say they are excited about this year’s lineup. They say the show is a good deal because it is both free and in an accessible, public place.

Lawmakers are taking up two bills aimed at preventing the sale of new oil-drilling rights off the California coast. If the measures pass, the State Lands Commission would be banned from approving new leases for oil facilities in the three-mile offshore zone controlled by the state. The bills were filed in response to a federal plan to grant drilling rights at six ocean sites.

A bill to set up a state-backed banking system for the recreational cannabis industry has failed in the assembly. the Assembly committee handling it decided not to take it up, meaning the idea essentially dead for the year. Banks have been reluctant to do business people in California legal marijuana market because it is still illegal under federal law. The proposed bill would not have guaranteed that state-backed banks would be protected from federal law.

California lawmakers are debating a proposal to eliminate cash bail for defendants awaiting trial. The plan introduced yesterday would mean most suspects in custody for nonviolent misdemeanors would be released within 12 hours of being booked. Meanwhile, suspects facing serious, violent felonies would not be eligible for pretrial release. If the bill becomes law, California would be the first state to completely end bail.

Don’t blame me. It was the doctor and the drugstore. Thats the claim of woman in Oregon, convicted robbing a bookstore. She says the medicine she on caused her to go crazy and do the robbery. She is in prison but is now suing the doc and the druggist for 50 grand.

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