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Two Lakeport City Councilmembers without competitors for their seats could just have their terms renewed without having an election. The City Council to decide at their meeting today if Stacey Mattina and Mayor Mireya Turner will be re-appointed or if there should be an election even though they’re the only candidates who filed to run for their seat’s by the end of the general election nomination period. So by state law, the council could reappoint them, then no election for their seats would be held and no write in candidates would be considered either. Apparently it’s the first time this has happened. If the city decides against an election, it could save them as much as $4,000.

Since a major disaster declaration has been declared by the federal government connected to the Mendocino Complex fires, FEMA can start to help fund those impacted by the fires. Congressman Mike Thompson in town over the weekend, announcing the declaration which means federal funds will be available for those needing to rebuild or repair after the fires. As of yesterday there were about 177 structures that burned and more than 1,000 are still threatened. Residents and business owners with damage or loss can register with FEMA now. Last night a FEMA Disaster Survivor Assistance team was set up at the Lake County Superior Court answering questions. For more info, http://www.

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3 people in Lakeport have filed paperwork to be on the School Board. The Record Bee reports due to concerns over student safety, fiscal management of a recent $17 million school bond, and a loss of several teachers, Carly Alvord, Dan Buffalo, and Jen Hanson are trying to get on the school board as a team to fill three vacancies. They say the school system is struggling and they want to help bring qualified professionals to the area. They say they’re concerned about teachers leaving and the school district not being what it used to be so they want to help. The three are endorsed by several parents, teachers and other concerned citizens. For more info, visit

Lawmakers have been tackling wildfire related bills for almost a year. The latest effort that was being lobbied by PG&E so they wouldn’t be solely responsible for last October’s fire storm has died. There had been a proposal to decide if utilities and their shareholders would be held responsible for the costs, something known as inverse condemnation, if the companies equipment is found to be associated with the fires. A spokesperson for State Senator Bill Dodd’s office says the provisions of inverse condemnation are not moving forward. Apparently other provisions are being considered including reducing long terms costs for ratepayers instead of having ratepayers on the hook.

Assemblyman Jim Wood upset because there’s been no real movement at the capitol on funding for fire prevention and preparedness even as wildfires burn across the state another season. Wood holding a news conference last week saying the state has historically spent about 2 percent of funding on fire prevention and he wants to see more money coming in for the fight. He’s on the Wildfire Preparedness and Response Legislative Conference Committee which is looking at long term fuel reduction. His co-chair Bill Dodd agreeing that fires need to be stopped before they start. The two agree there has to be more money set aside with Wood saying that should be as much as $300 million a year, guaranteed for fuel reduction.

A man from Clearlake finally sentenced to life in prison for a murder and the injury of two others. Lake Co News reports it’s been thirteen months since Joshua Beavers was found guilty and since then had a motion for a new trial denied for the September 2013 shooting. He got two life sentences for the murder of David Ferrell and the shooting and wounding of Paul Cressy and Rachel Patterson. He was found guilty last June. He got about 102 years to life for several crimes along with the two life terms. The shootings related to a marijuana garden. The motion for a new trial just a couple of weeks ago and denied.

The Mendocino Complex has now burned an unprecedented 400,000 acres. The fire easily the largest to ever burn in the state now at 79% containment. The fire started August 10th and killed a firefighter from Utah, Draper City Fire Battalion Chief Matthew Burchett who died after being hit by a falling tree near Lake Pillsbury. He was remembered yesterday at a funeral in his home state with hundreds at the service. Both the Lake County Sheriff Brian Martin and Mendocino County Sheriff Tom Allman were there.  The complex is reportedly burning more into the National Forest toward Lake County’s northern border. It’s still supposed to be fully contained by Sept. 1st. The fire has burned 157 homes and 120 other structures.

A food pantry is opening in Lucerne. The Food Cupboard tomorrow at the First Lutheran Church from 1 to 2 p.m. with not only food, but clothing, toiletries and cleaning supplies for anyone in need. They will also give out pet food in the morning at 10 thanks to donations by those including Orphan Dog, a Lake County-based animal rescue group. The pastor of the church says they care for all of God’s creation. Anyone who is interested in donating can visit the church website

Divers have recovered the body of a man from San Francisco out of the Russian River near Guerneville. The Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office reports the man’s body was found yesterday near a vacation rental home where he was staying with friends last weekend. The body in 12 to 15 feet of water near docks. He had been reported missing Sunday night after not showing up for dinner. His personal belongings found on a dock at the edge of the river. A search and rescued dive team and the Russian River and Monte Rio fire departments went searching, finding the body within about an hour. The Coroner’s Office is investigating.

A man from Alabama found guilty of domestic violence, his son shot, over some chicken wings. John Caver found guilty of first-degree domestic violence two years after the attack on his son during a football game they were watching at home in Selma. The two in an argument over the food, Caver’s wife tried to separate the two, but it ended up with the son being shot in the chest. The D-A telling a local news site, it “must have been some really good chicken”. Caver facing 20 years in prison.

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