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No change in the containment of the Ranch fire. It’s still at 67 percent, with crews still working most actively on the north and northeast fire lines. Cal Fire says the main fire progression will be fuel and topography driven and that fire activity will continue to become more active around 4:00 pm. The fire threatens more than 1,000 structures in addition to the 380 buildings it has already destroyed and the 38 strictures it has already damaged. Full containment is still said to be about a week away on September 1st.

Its only been open a few days but its already busy at a disaster relief center set up to help fire victims in Lake County. The resource center is a kind of “one stop shop” for everything needed by fire victims, and the state Office of Emergency services says it is a good way to connect with agencies like the Red Cross and other state and national offices like the DMV and Small Business Administration who can offer help. The center is on On Main Street in Upper Lake, just north of Clear Lake. It will be open daily through September but you’ll have first part of October to register and take advantage of the programs being offered.

State lawmakers are holding a hearing to find out why Verizon throttled data to a group of firefighters battling the Mendocino Complex fire. The Select Committee on Natural Disaster Response, Recovery, and Rebuilding is trying to get to the bottom of the issue which Verizon admits, but blames a customer service issue. The Santa Clara fire department says it hit its data cap last month when Verizon slowed its speed to a crawl, something the firefighters say put their lives in danger. Today’s hearing could lead to legislation that would prevent service providers from reducing internet connection speeds, especially to emergency personnel.
California is lending a hand to those being hit by Hurricane Lane in Hawaii. Two of the states urban search and rescue teams are headed to the islands as the request of FEMA under orders from Governor Brown. The teams will do what they can to help people of Hawaii recover from the effects of the biggest storm to hit there in more than 20 years, that has dropped as much as three feet of rain and brought pounding surf and high winds.

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