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Police in Fort Bragg have arrested a man after reports of a domestic assault. Fort Bragg Police report states when police arrived early Sunday they found Silvestre Rivera Nieto unconscious on the ground after being thrown to the ground.  A female victim was was found to be bleeding from several knife wounds. The female victim told police she and Rivera Nieto , had been out drinking and while they were walking home, he suddenly pulled out a knife and attacked her, unprovoked slashing her several times, in her face and hands.  They got into a further altercation on the ground. Once she was able to escape, she ran home where she told her father about the attack.  Rivera Nieto tried to continue his attack on the victim and her father threw him to the ground where he hit his head. Rivera Nieto received medical attention for his injury and was subsequently arrested.

Police and firefighters in Fort Bragg were called to a brush fire in a field across from the hospital.  And when they arrived, they found a small brushy grassy fire was ablaze along the western end of the field near the end of South Street. Once fire personnel arrived they quickly got on the fire which was being whipped up by wind. Officers went to a senior living complex across from the fire and began evacuating residents. Fort Bragg Fire Department Volunteers and CalFire firefighters put the fire out, containing it to the grassland. The tenants were allowed to go return home once the smoke lessened. The fire charred about 3 acres of grassland, and some small trees and bushes. There wasn’t a lot of major damage or loss of property.

A firefighter from Utah working the Mendocino Complex Fire has adopted a dog he found in the wilderness in Northern Calif. Patrick Cullen of the same department where one of his fellow firefighters lost his life, didn’t forget the exhausted, thirsty German Shepherd he saw earlier this month. He had to leave the dog but apparently found him again at the Mendocino County Animal Shelter and found that it could be adopted because nobody had claimed it. Cullen has named the dog Mendo, after the Mendocino Complex fires. The Press democrat reports Cullen saying the dog’s a bright spot in an otherwise sad story after the death of Battalion Chief Matthew Burchett. Burchett died in the Mendo Complex Fire on Aug. 13th after a tree hit him during a retardant drop operation.

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