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[title News 8/31/18

Today Overdose Awareness Day and with that the Mendocino County Health & Human Services Agency is asking everyone to wear silver. The agency reminds us that thousands of people die annually from drug OD’s. The event happening across the world every August 31st to raise awareness about overdose and to reduce the stigma of drug-related deaths, at the same time acknowledging the grief felt by families and friends. Silver is a symbol of awareness of overdose and its effects and sends a message that all life is valuable and the stigmatization of people who use drugs should stop.

The City of Willits is having their Coastal Cleanup Day. From 9 AM – noon Saturday, September 15th. Those interested should meet at the City Hall Parking lot to help clean creeks to prevent trash from getting into the Eel River. The City says they were the first Inland Chapter of California Coastal Cleanup. And there are more than 1000 inland chapters of the California Coastal cleanup now.

Drug Take Back AND Pool Party in Willits.. Next Saturday, Sept. 8th from noon to 5 PM at the city’s Community Pool on Main Street. A reminder from the city that last year Mendocino County had the 4th highest rate of opioid overdoses in Calif. ? YOU can help save our children and youth from the opioid epidemic. Start by joining us on Saturday, September 8th from Noon – 5:00 p.m. where you can bring in unused, unwanted or expired prescription meds

New info has been released about the family who died after driving off a cliff in Mendocino County. CNN is reporting the Hart family’s home in Washington state was searched right after the family disappeared and it showed almost no sign six kids lived there. The children ages 12 to 19 either disappeared or died in March when their SUV went over a 100 foot cliff. Investigators say Jennifer Hart was drunk and drove her wife and kids over the cliff. Documents have now been released by the Clark County Sheriff’s Office saying their Washington State home was extremely clean and organized and looked, sterile. A detective noting also, that there was little showing the kids had access to toys or items of entertainment except for a few board games. Jennifer and her wife Sarah and three of the children were found dead after the crash. Another child’s body was found days later and the bodies of two of their children are still missing.

A woman’s body has been found, which police say may be a missing woman from Kelseyville. Lake Co News reports a Ford Crown Victoria owned by Sharon Foley, and a body were found earlier this week in a remote, forested area in Sierra County. The info from the Sierra County Sheriff’s Office. The Lake County Sheriff’s Office got a reports she had disappeared in July. She also vanished in early May but was found. Reports that Foley also had suffered from depression, was bipolar and off her meds and couldn’t walk on her own, but could drive. Lake County Sheriff’s office says they were told by the Sierra County Sheriff’s Office the body was believed to be Foley’s. They say she’s not been positively identified but there was evidence at the scene.

Some areas of Clear Lake testing positive for blue-green algae so now there’s warnings for several areas of the lake. Lake Co News reports the samplings taken August 15th and 21st, with results back this week showing 12 out of 21 sampled sites had microcystin. The areas include: the center of the Oaks Arm, Clearlake Oaks shoreline, Elem shoreline and Cache Creek at Highway 53, garnering cautious levels. The news site reports the readings this week were lower than before, but there have to be two consecutive improved readings before the alert level can change.

A reminder this Labor Day weekend to watch out for invasive quagga and zebra mussels. The two are invasive locally, native in Europe and Asia and can multiply fast, get themselves stuck on watercraft and infrastructure, change the local water quality and naturally growing aquatic food and more. They catch themselves onto boats, equipment or anything entering water and infest it. It’s hard to see them sometimes as they can get stuck in engines or other equipment. There are local inspection and folks are strongly encouraged to clean, drain and dry watercraft.

A Strategic Fire Plan is in place by Cal Fire. It’s a way to be proactive against new wildfires. The Chair of Cal Fire says it’s a way to break the cycle of large and damaging wildfires in Calif. He says the plan is to help prevent wildfires, while taking into consideration drought and tree mortality. The new plan was a joint effort between the Cal Fire, stakeholders and public input. It focuses on what can be done before a fire even starts and also considers ways to bring down the cost of firefighting, property loss, at the same time increase firefighter safety, and contribute to forest health.
The 2018 Strategic Fire Plan is available on the board of forestry and fire protection website at

I-5 may be a nightmare this holiday weekend for those traveling north from Southern Calif. There’s emergency roadwork after a massive pothole damaged some cars Thursday morning. The pothole shut down traffic altogether on the northbound 5 for 5 hours. Caltrans then closed it last night until this morning. And will do the same tonight, with one area shut down thru Tuesday morning at 4 a.m. There will only be access to two lanes during the repairs. They’re trying to divert travelers instead to use Highway 50 west, and I-80 east as alternate routes.

Net Neutrality safe in Calif. Lawmakers approved a statewide effort so internet companies cannot dictate speeds for certain sites or what people have access to online. The vote yesterday in the Assembly 58-17, sending it overwhelmingly back to the Senate for a final sign off before the legislative session ends, and sending it to the governor for signature. The vote after months of lobbying by internet providers who said it would mean more expensive internet. Some had said they’d still uphold net neutrality after the FCC tossed it. Then said it was unrealistic because rules would differ now across the country and there should be a single approach.

A woman from Canada and her ten year old daughter who went missing on their way to Northern Calif to camp, have been found. Audrey Rodrigue apparently had been texting with her boyfriend Sunday, then stopped conversing with him, so he reported her missing. The San Mateo County Sheriff’s office tweeted yesterday though that the mom and daughter were found in good health & simply enjoying their California camping trip. No word exactly where they were, but word is they had reservations at a Six Rivers National Forest campground, about 340 miles north of San Francisco, but apparently they never arrived at a hotel where they first had reservations in Pescadero, south of San Francisco.

More closed sessions for the Ukiah City Council and the Ukiah Valley Sanitation District regarding the lawsuit against the city by the district. The Daily Journal reports the council meeting today at 1 in council chambers is noted as closed and regarding the lawsuit. There have been multiple meetings this month. The newspaper reports the city manager saying “settlement and litigation remain active at this time.” There’s also a meeting for the District next Tuesday night at 6, noting they’re meeting with legal counsel regarding “existing litigation”. The District filing suit saying the city owes it as much as $30 million in payments related to the participation agreement the agencies signed for the joint operation of the Ukiah Valley Wastewater Treatment Plant.

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