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An infusion of cash for the first ever day camp for kids impacted by last October’s wildfires. Camp Noah for kids in Mendocino County in first- through sixth grade with more than 35 volunteers and several groups putting in time, food and money. The camp also made possible after a Lutheran organization paid the camp costs. The camp earlier this month as the Mendocino Complex Fire was burning. The Daily Journal reports when organizers were first planning the camp, they weren’t sure if they could pull it off due to a lack of money, but Lutheran Social Services of Northern California put up the $20,000 camp fee. Camp Noah is in more than 2 dozen other states and in Puerto Rico to help kids learn resiliency after a natural disaster.

A bill sponsored by State Senator Mike McGuire so Cal Fire can investigate illegal marijuana growers who pollute water, threaten wildlife and damage the environment moving forward to the Governor. The bill to stop the practice of clearing forest land to grow illegal weed. It gives Cal Fire up to three years to investigate “rogue growers”. McGuire saying it protects California’s pristine forestland from clear cutting for cannabis conversions which ruins watersheds and pollutes drinking water supplies and kills wildlife. McGuire’s office says it’s gotten worse from 2015 to 2017, with between 30 and 99 recorded instances.

A lawsuit’s been filed by the City of Eureka against the biggest prescription opioid manufacturers in the country. Red Headed Blackbelt news site reporting the city also suing three primary wholesale distributors of the drugs too alleging the parties violated California’s Unfair Competition Law and federal racketeering statute (“RICO”), adding too that their conduct constituted a public nuisance, negligence, and unjust enrichment under California law. The news site reports Humboldt County was the second highest place for overdoses in California. Out of 1,925 people who od’d on opioids in the state, 33 were in Humboldt County alone.

2 men in Lower Lake have been arrested on drug and weapons charges. Narcotics detectives from the Lake County Sheriff’s Dept served a search warrant at the home, and went in thru a locked gate, finding two Hispanic men, Carlos Cabadazazueta of Ukiah and Guillermo Cabadadelaherran of Lower Lake, one of them armed with a 20 gauge shot gun and the other with a .40 caliber handgun. Cops say after multiple commands to put their guns down, they finally did and the property was searched. There was a 16 year old boy found hiding in bushes with more than $4,700 cash. Detectives found marijuana plants growing and more in three hoop style green houses for a total of 858 marijuana plants, plus they found almost $5,500. The two arrested on several charges including Keeping a Place to Sell Controlled Substance, Armed While Committing a Felony and Employing Person Under 21 to Sell Marijuana. The teen was also turned over to juvenile probation for processing.

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