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One of the country’s busiest highways, Interstate 5, closed for 45 miles due to a wildfire. The highway goes almost 1,400 miles from Mexico to Canada. The stretch closed because of the Delta Fire for several days finally reopens Monday morning after being closed in both directions from 10 miles north of Redding to near Mount Shasta. The fire burned cars left on the side of the road and big rigs with reports some truckers were pulled from their burning rigs. The fire’s burning pretty much out of control in Shasta and Trinity counties. It’s scorched nearly 41,000 acres and is only 5% contained. The fire apparently human caused, but no word how.

All the mandatory evacuation orders and road closures for the Snell Fire in Napa County have been lifted. Those evacuated are being warned though, that it could happen again because of erratic fire conditions. The fire added about 90 acres overnight and is now up to 30 percent containment. It’s burned close to 2,500 acres. It’s burning in remote land near Lake Berryessa and 7 miles southeast of Middletown. 180 homes and other structures were threatened, which is where many were evacuated, mostly in Berryessa Estates. Apparently cooler weather helped firefighters.

Still one stubborn section of the Ranch Fire has the fire staying at 98% containment. But officials say they still expect 100% containment by today. There’s more than 670 miles of fire line where they’ll handle suppression repair work, so far that’s done on 69 percent of the fire line. That work includes cutting hazard trees for firefighter safety, reducing dirt berms, spreading cut vegetation and building water bars to minimize soil erosion. The fire camps in Ukiah and Stonyford and being merged into one in Stonyford only, that’s where most of the rest of the suppression repair work remains. The fire with the River Fire is at 98% containment even though the River Fire’s been contained for weeks, the fire’s have burned more than 459,000 acres.


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