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A man has been arrested in Washington state on a one million dollar warrant out of Lake County. Clearlake police had been investigating Harry Vandyke of Las Vegas for the sexual abuse of a minor under the age of 18. Police asked the U-S Marshall’s Fugitive Task Force to help find the man who’s now in custody. He’s also reportedly waived extradition and was taken to Clearlake last Thursday and booked into the Lake County Jail. Police asking the public if they have any info on the case to call the police department and are reminding the public that sexual assault survivors can get crisis intervention counseling for free, including legal and medical help or to get referrals on other resources.

A project to add parking spots and help traffic flow better has begun at the Elk River Trailhead in the Headwaters Forest Reserve. That means there may be traffic snarls or less access to the area while the project gets underway. The BLM reports they’re trying to minimize interruptions to access but there may be times it’s limited for public safety. There will be a bigger parking lot so that 25 vehicles can fit along with vans and school buses. Plus it’ll be easier to maneuver in the area which provides the primary access into the 7,400-acre forest reserve. There will also be a paved section for accessibility with signs going up about the natural history of the reserve. The project continues thru next month.

A public alert and warning test in Sonoma County. The Mendocino County Office of Emergency Services reports on the test tomorrow between 10am-12pm where notifications will be sent out via cell phones, and on radio and TV. Those close to the alerting area could see an alert on their cell phone with a special tone and vibration, along with a brief text. So since it’s so close to Mendocino County, some residents there may also get a notification since Sonoma and Mendocino Counties share local radio and TV stations and have cell towers serving residents in both counties.

A man from Richmond who used to be employed by the Contra Costa County public defenders office has been arrested for a conspiracy to prevent a police informant from testifying. It was a murder for hire that ended up with the death of the wrong person. William Edwards Jr. had previously pleaded no contest to a similar crime 12 years ago. In that case the key witness to an Oakland murder was killed. Family members of that victim complained his sentence was too lenient and he’d do it again. Now Edwards is charged with the murder in June of Taison Calderon-Lopez in a case of mistaken identity, he was not the witness in an attempted murder, but apparently looked similar and drove a similar car.

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