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The new budget’s been adopted by the Lakeport Fire District Board of Directors which cuts three full-time firefighters. The budget talk spurred questions and comments from audience members with ideas also brought forward. Only one of the directors reportedly against the new budget, and one was absent. The directors met first behind closed doors with a labor negotiator from the Firefighter’s Union ending with no deal. The union reportedly offering to accept a 10 percent cut in salaries with four people on staff and the board came back with three people and a 10 percent pay cut. But there was no agreement. No word on which firefighters will be let go.

The BLM, Cal Fire and local fire departments reportedly working with an agricultural engineer on fire prevention ideas. The Record Bee reports Jared Hendricks grew up in the area. He says gone are the days when controlled fires with Cal Fire for free can be done on private land. He says it could start happening again though as more grants will become available for private landowners for fuel reduction projects which can include controlled burns. Some government groups are also reportedly applying for similar grants. Local government, tribal organizations, fire and water districts and nonprofits can get their hands on grant funding. Cal Fire has millions available to do work like removing dead or dying trees.


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