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A man on a bike killed after colliding with a dump truck in Ukiah is from Covelo. The Ukiah Police Department and the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office identify the man as 34 year old Samuel (Xamuel) Lara. He was killed after being hit by the dump truck Friday afternoon at the intersection of Talmage Road and Hastings Frontage Road. The dump truck is owned and operated by Wipf Construction. Apparently the dump truck was cleared by a flagger directing traffic to turn onto Talmage Road when it hit the bicyclist. Officers say they’re not sure who’s at fault but they’re investigating since there were three parties involved including the flagger. The same construction company was involved in a dump truck crash into a bicyclist in 2012 at the intersection of South Orchard Avenue and East Gobbi Street. That bike rider was also killed. There’s a GoFundMe account in Lara’s name:

A high school teacher arrested for alleged misconduct may have to register as a sex offender if he’s found guilty. The Ukiah High teacher, Ben O’Neill was arrested earlier this month after allegations he acted inappropriately with a teen on campus. A spokesperson for the D-A’s office says the teen was a former student of the school and visited O’Neill at the school last September. He says the misconduct involved, hugging in a storage room. It wasn’t reported to police until May of this year when a third party told school district employees who then called police. O’Neill was arrested for a misdemeanor of “annoying or molesting a child under 18.” If convicted he faces a year in jail and a $5,000 fine, plus he could lose his teaching license and have to register as a sex offender. O’Neill’s arraignment’s set for October 4th.

The family of an 8 year old murder victim in Santa Cruz say a state Senate bill that could free some like her murderer by their 25th birthdays is unfair. Madyson Middleton’s murderer A.J. Gonzalez was 15 at the time of Middleton’s death. The Senate bill passed by the Assembly and Senate would mean 14- or 15-year-old juveniles accused of violent crimes, like murder and other serious felonies would not be able to be transferred to adult court. They would instead go thru rehab in the juvenile system where they can be held until they’re 25. Middleton’s murderer apparently pretended he knew nothing and even helped search for her. Her body found in a Santa Cruz apartment trash dumpster in July 2015. His case was sent to adult court in the end. Middleton’s family says its absolutely opposed to this bill and say they’ll do whatever they have to convince Gov. Brown to veto it.

A couple of Kelseyville High seniors are headed to Australia as high achieving seniors. In December Vanessa Gonzalez and Sayra Cachowill will address hundreds of teachers at the AVID Australia Summer Institute at Victoria University in Melbourne. The two recently were named Questbridge finalists. They both have 4.0 GPAs and qualify as migrant education students who used to be English Learner students then were re-designated as fluent English proficient. Neither of the two girls parents finished high school. The girls will be featured at the General Session of the conference for more than 300 Australian teachers and administrators then they’ll be on a student panel and participate in Q & A sessions.

A woman on probation has been arrested in Willits. When pulled over Miranda Mullins apparently told deputies she was wanted on a warrant. She was wanted for being an accessory to a crime in Mendocino County. Cops searched her car and found several methamphetamine pipes. They realized her license plates didn’t match the car she was in and say the woman knew they were the wrong plates. She was arrested for the warrant, displaying fake license plates, possessing drug paraphernalia and violating summary probation. Mullins was booked into the Mendocino County Jail and held on $30,000.00 bail.

A story map explaining the burn area from the Mendocino Complex is released by the BLM. Lake Co News reports the Bureau of Land Management Ukiah Field Office releasing the story map showing how the Department of the Interior’s Interagency Burned Area Emergency Response, BAER team came up with their damage estimates on BLM and trust lands. The news site reports more than 80,000 acres of BLM-managed land burned in the Pawnee, County, River and Ranch fires this year. The interactive maps that came out of the BAER assessment should be available to the public and a meeting for the community is also be scheduled to discuss damaged trail systems, including on the Cow Mountain Recreation Management Area which was seriously damaged by the River fire.

Improving conditions on Clear Lake after testing showed blue green algae. Lake Co News reports county officials saying their follow up tests showed cyanotoxin levels below the “caution” level. The last tests were last Thursday after another test earlier in the month showing blue-green algae at six of 18 sampling sites, those half dozen were below the caution threshold though this week. The Big Valley Band of Pomo Indians and Elem Indian Colony oversee water monitoring. If the levels of bacteria keep going down then all of the warning signs around the lake may be taken down soon.

The Governor’s signed one of State Sen. Mike McGuire’s bills, this one to preserve votes. The new law means election officials have to tell voters who vote by mail their signature doesn’t match what’s on file. Officials will have to do this at least eight days before they certify an election so the voters can verify their signature. The Secretary of State’s Office reports more than 25,000 residents didn’t get their vote counted in the November 2016 General Election because of this. The ballots were tossed due to a mismatching signature. McGuire says the new law means all votes are counted.

A man from Lake County’s been arrested after a violent assault at the Graton Resort and Casino. Lake Co News reports 44 year old Morgan Lewis Jr. was arrested Saturday after reports of a fight at the casino. When deputies got there they found Lewis was arguing with a group of men after their SUV truck door hit his truck. Deputies say Lewis’ girlfriend was pushed to the ground and Lewis got punched in the face. They apparently didn’t want to press charges, so there were no arrests. But then deputies were called back for a second fight, finding Lewis saw one of the people from the fight and shoved the guy who fell and hit his head. He was unresponsive and unconscious and went to a hospital with life-threatening injuries. He’s in the ICU and Lewis was arrested for felony assault causing great bodily injury, and held on a $35,000 bail bond.

A letter’s sent to the Governor by elected officials in five Northern California counties so he will stop approving permits for new oil and gas wells. About 250 elected officials across the state penning the letter for Gov. Brown to “walk his talk” on climate change after he hosted the Global Climate Action Summit last week in San Francisco. The group known as Elected Officials to Protect California challenging the Governor’s record because he had reportedly issued more than 20,000 permits for new wells. Officials from Marin, Napa, Lake and Mendocino counties and others signed on to the letter.

A man at a Chuck E. Cheese in Washington state injured after he brought a gun to the restaurant and accidentally shot himself in the leg. Children ran panicking after hearing the gunshot at the Tacoma location. The restaurant was even evacuated, but nobody else was injured. The 22 year old who shot himself was rushed to a hospital but was expected to be fine. Police say he brought the weapon into the restaurant legally.

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