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The Willits Relinquishment project is starting. The beginning stages of paving Main Street have begun overnight hours. That should last a week and be done by next Friday. It’s one of the last things to go into the Rehabilitation and Relinquishment of Old Highway 101 then the road will be turned over to the City of Willits and the County of Mendocino. The actual paving doesn’t start until October 1st and will happen in 12 hour shifts between 9 a.m. to midnight weekdays. It has to be done during the day because of temperature requirements. That work is expected to be done by October 15th. There will be one way traffic control during the construction and detours. There could be up to 15-minute delays. Striping should happen soon after the paving and that will take another two weeks.

The Governor has signed a couple of bills into law authored by Assemblyman Jim Wood to address the opioid problem in California and Mendocino County. One of the two requires health care practitioners prescribing the drugs to do it electronically by Jan. 1st of 2022. That should help curb any errors due to poor handwriting, which has apparently been an ongoing problem with phony prescriptions. The other bill requires whoever is prescribing the drug to also offer Narcan, a partial reversal of opioid depression under certain conditions. And the prescriber has to tell the patient about overdose prevention and how to use Narcan. Safe RX is also planning to supply Narcan to residents in Mendocino County.

A Red Flag warning has been issued for some areas of Northern Calif. Winds of up to 20 mph and gusts up to 35 mph are expected along the ridge tops in Sonoma, Napa and Marin counties, but the winds should die down late this morning or early this afternoon. The warning ends at 5 PM. The low humidity mixed with the winds could create critical fire weather conditions. Some fire agencies and emergency workers in Sonoma County are on call and others are out to monitor in case. Cal Fire is also beefing up staff and has a strike team of engines ready from their Sonoma-Lake-Napa Unit.

It’s costing more to build in Lakeport. The City Council has awarded a bid to a company out of Watsonville for some sidewalk work at more than a quarter million dollars for one block. The $240,000 bill for street repair, culvert replacements, drainage replacements, and sidewalk repair on one block. The sidewalk repair is the last piece of work for the city’s Emergency Rehabilitation projects from the winter floods of 2016-2017. The construction company telling the City Council higher prices are now normal since many were working for cost right out of the great recession. They say construction costs are going up.

A report by Lakeport Police Department about July 4th at Library Park says there were way less calls to the department this year. The Police Chief, Brad Rasmussen delivered the report to the City Council, saying they had a lot of officers at the park and only had to take one person away for being under the influence. And they had a call for a lost child. The chief says they also had less calls for illegal fireworks too. He said even though there were fewer calls, there’s still a major problem with illegal fireworks and they’re trying to figure out how to eliminate them totally.

The biggest fire to ever burn in Calif. is 100% contained… finally. The stubborn Ranch fire was finally corralled this week, so that means the Mendocino Complex is 100% contained. The River fire had been 100% contained more than a month ago. The Ranch fire was the bigger of the two, the River fire burned just under 49,000 acres. The two fires together burned more than 459,000 acres, mostly in the national forest in Lake County. The two fires started July 27th an hour apart. Thousands had to evacuate at the peak of the fires, 280 structures burned, including 157 homes and a firefighter from Utah was killed in the Ranch fire. A forest service spokesperson says they don’t expect the fire to grow any further. The Press Democrat reports the fires have tallied as much as $56 million in insured losses.

It’s no longer a requirement for some to wear helmets when riding motorized scooters. The Gov signed a bill into law requiring only those under 18 have to wear helmets. The scooters were banned altogether in San Francisco earlier this year due to concerns about riders not wearing helmets and other violations. The new law goes into effect January 1st. A Republican Assemblyman authored the bill saying it should be up to adults to decide if they want to wear a helmet or not, adding the standup scooters can loosen traffic congestion in California and help the state meet its climate change goals by reducing car emissions. The bill will also let riders on scooters in areas with speed limits up to 35 mph. Right now its 25 mph.

Lake and Mendocino counties have North Coast Opportunities distribution centers after the Mendocino Complex fire. Lake Co News reports NCO has given out food and supplies to more than 400 families. The Lake County center is at 785 Bevins St. in Lakeport – open Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. With some after-hour appointments available if pre-arranged. In Mendocino County, they’re located at 8465 East Road in Redwood Valley. They also have case managers available to help. And they’ve set up the Wildfire Relief Fund for survivors with financial hardships. They’ve received more than 1,000 applications for fire relief and will distribute until funds are gone.

A nationwide test of the Federal Emergency Management Agency and Federal Communications Commission is set. The test of the Emergency Alert System and Wireless Emergency Alert is Oct. 3rd at 11:18 a.m. Pacific Time and 11:20 a.m. respectively. That will help assess if they’re set up in the case of a real emergency. It had been set as a backup date for the test set today, but that was moved. FEMA and the emergency management community have been working life-saving activities in North and South Carolina due to Hurricane Florence. This is the fourth nationwide EAS test and the first ever Wireless test. The emergency alert should last a minute on radio and TV, cable, satellite radio and wireline video. The wireless test will be similar to monthly tests already conducted.

A new law signed by the governor says California doctors have to tell patients they’re on probation for sexual misconduct or any other issue. The bill gives more info to patients who can search online now, but the doctor now has to tell the patient their probation status and some basic details of the terms of their probation. It doesn’t start until after July 1st of 2019. It applies to doctors accused of wrongdoing causing patient harm, including sexual misconduct, drug abuse, criminal convictions and inappropriate prescribing. Some Olympians had campaigned for the bill after the sentencing of former USA Gymnastics team doctor Larry Nassar who admitted he sexually abused women and girls while they were in medical treatment.

Some in Florida jumping into the ocean for free weed. Massive bundles of marijuana, individually wrapped in five-kilo bricks are washing up on the shore after Hurricane Florence. The Volusia county sheriff got a call from a woman saying they were at a park at a huge bundle of drugs or something washed up, then people started physically fighting over it in the Daytona Beach area. One man was arrested for taking one of the bricks, which weighed about 11 pounds, wet. Medical weed’s legal, but not for recreational use. Cops say they found about 100- pounds of weed in two days.

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