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Those against the proposed geotechnical study of the Albion River Bridge say they’re suing to stop it. Caltrans says a replacement of the historical bridge is needed, but opponents have now filed for a restraining order after a soils study was unanimously approved by the Calif. Coastal Commission last week. That would mean earth-moving, tree-cutting and helicopter flights by the oceanfront village. The restraining order application even has its own Facebook page, “Save the Albion River Bridge”. That notes the appeal is being heard next week in court in San Francisco. The work on the bridge would also mean grading steep oceanfront slopes so they can install drilling rigs, take out trees and use a helicopter to bring equipment in and out of drill sites.

Just like wine grapes, those growing marijuana can apply for their very own appellations. Cannabis farmers can apply to the California Department of Food & Agriculture for cannabis “appellations,” that define specific geographic areas where farmers market their crop with a name. Applications should be available for appellations for 2021. The county of origin standards will start by January and then appellations standards, practices and varietals regarding cannabis in certain areas will go into effect by 2021. This per state legislation proposed by State Senator Mike McGuire and part of a bill in 2017.

A man in Phillipsville has been shot after an attempted burglary. Red headed blackbelt news site reports it happened early this morning, police get a call to the report which the news site says came over a scanner saying the shooter had surprised the man shot who was stealing some items and the victim was hit in the chest. The victim died at the scene and the person believed to have shot him went to the hospital with “severe head trauma”. The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office confirming the shooting and one person dead. They didn’t reveal much else except to say it was a “complicated event.”

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