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The Lake County Sheriff’s Office working with LexisNexis for a new on-line reporting system. It means when you log on to the system at lake sheriff dot com, you can file a report and print a copy without waiting for an officer to come to you to respond for the report. They will accept the reports on Misdemeanor Thefts, Forgeries, Lost Property, Vandalisms, Vehicle Burglaries, and Civil Complaints. You can also fill out the reports at the Sheriff’s office on a standalone computer in the lobby. The Sheriff’s office says they’re looking to hire a Deputy and Correctional Officer which has been a slow process because of pay and benefit disparities with neighboring counties.

The Hopland Band of Pomo is getting more than 265-thousand dollars from the federal government for public safety. The money comes from more than a hundred million from the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) to help violent crime and domestic violence survivors in tribal communities. The money helps Indian tribes develop, expand and improve services for violent crime victims for programming and technical assistance.

This weekend is the Adventist Health yearly Colors for Cancer Fun Run and Walk. On Sunday the walk starts at 9. You can get there at 7-30 for signups. The money goes to the Adventist Health Cancer Treatment and Infusion Center. You’re encouraged to wear white, so you can see all the colors sprayed around the path. That’s in honor of cancer survivors. After the walk’s over, there will be a bunch of family friendly events, like music, snacks, and activities in the Rural Health court yard in Ukiah. It’s $25 for youth (17 and under) and $40 for adults.

After the Mendocino Complex Fire the Cow Mountain Recreation area was closed due to fire danger. The north Cow Mountain area is opened now that the fire’s contained, but there’s still no target shooting. The Bureau of Land Management Ukiah Field Office says the Valley View Trail in Mendocino County and the Glen Eden Trail in Lake County are open to the public and so is the Mayacamas Trail.

More information’s released on a shooting in Phillipsville. The shooting yesterday morning, deputies found a man dead from an apparent gunshot wound and detained several people there. Several detectives reportedly responded to the scene and came up with a person of interest. The man was injured, but medically cleared then taken to the sheriff’s office for questioning. But the Red Headed Blackbelt news site reports the man was being cooperative and he was not arrested. They’ve not released the name of the man who died yet.

The trial between the Ukiah Valley Sanitation District and the city of Ukiah will not begin next week after all. The trial date reportedly vacated as the parties continue settlement discussions. The City Manager says no new trial date is set yet. The lawsuit filed by the District four years ago against the city saying it was owed as much as $30 million due to a breach of the joint operation agreement for the Ukiah Valley Wastewater Treatment Plant. The trial’s been pushed several times while all of the involved parties had their own closed door meetings on the litigation. The case is supposed to be in court in Sonoma County… we’ll keep you updated.

Mendocino County is using cannabis working groups for various issues, and last month approved a new non-cultivation working group. The new group to come up with recommendations for Cannabis Facilities and Businesses. They’re looking for members of the public and ask you to call the Executive Office with interest…

Cassandra Borgna with the Executive Office at 707-463-4441 or borgnac by Sunday, Sept. 30.

No more plastic straws at Calif. restaurants. Gov. Brown’s signed the first ever law against the straws in the country. The Gov. says the plastic’s “choking the planet” and says infatuation with the single use item has led to disastrous consequences. The new law doesn’t start until Jan. 1st. Fast food restaurants are exempt and full-service restaurants who don’t comply get a written warning two times, then it’s $25 a day for subsequent infractions.

A new digital tracking system on marijuana starts soon. It means the state will have one of the world’s most strictly regulated marijuana markets. The “seed-to-sale” tracking system being touted as a way to curb competition from the black market. Prop 64 had a rule attached it with a requirement that marijuana businesses have to tag every plant, plus they have to digitally monitor every gram of cannabis from farm to consumer. The state’s looking to have everything in place by the start of next year.

Restriping work starts in Clearlake. City officials say to expect some delays on the roads where they’re putting in new centerlines, bike lanes, fog lines, left turn lanes and crosswalks. The work is supposed to be complete by October 12th. Be on the lookout as you drive on Acacia Street, Arrowhead Road, Burns Valley Road, Rumsey Road, Olympic Drive, Lakeshore Drive, Old Highway 53, Dam Road Extension, Dam Road and Pine Street. The city says it’ll notify the public on Nixle if there’s delays on any of the streets so you can avoid them. They’re also doing the work overnight to minimize that.

Expedited quagga mussel inspections happening after the governor signs a bill by State Sen. Mike McGuire. The bill provides public agencies, such as Sonoma Water authority to receive funding from the state so they can have the invasive mussel programs at lakes controlled by the US Army Corps of Engineers. McGuire says the Corp never spent $600,000 in state grants awarded four years ago, to create an inspection program at Lake Sonoma and Lake Mendocino.

No late school days after the Governor vetoes legislation for middle and high schoolers to start school after 8:30 a.m. Those supporting the bill said it would mean better grades, attendance and graduation rates. The Assemblyman who authored the bill cited a study by the American Academy of Pediatrics saying it’s an important health issue for says teens who don’t get enough sleep. State Assemblyman Anthony Portantino trying to get school to start at 8:30 a.m. or later so students could get at least eight hours of sleep. That’s less than a half hour later as the average Calif. middle and high school starts around 8:07 a.m.

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