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A bill by State Senator Bill Dodd to add cyber terrorism to the list of state of emergencies has been signed into law. The California Emergency Services Act will now add the language to cover cyber-terrorism and assist in related recovery. The law to authorize the Governor to respond quickly and allocate state resources to protect the public and their property, like what happens after an earthquake, or during a wildfire or other natural disaster. It got bipartisan support. And comes as so-called “Hacktivists” nation-states, and other terrorist threat groups attack government networks trying to get a hold of sensitive information or make political or economic statements.

Two women busted after a tip to police about an illegal drug operation in Eureka. Narcotics detectives with the Specialized Investigations Division finding 17.5 pounds of illegal marijuana and nearly $114,000 in cash in two warehouses where police served a search warrant. 33 year old Kayla Hansen was reportedly living in one of the warehouses. She’s arrested and charged with felony marijuana possession and marijuana concentrate manufacturing. But she’s been freed on $25,000 bond. And 34 year old Jessie Wilkinson of Eureka’s charged with marijuana possession with intent to sell. And she’s also free, but on $15,000 bond.

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