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A woman in Lower Lake’s busted near the high school with drugs. The School Resource Officer reports seeing a car with a female driver and two male passengers in the school parking lot in a handicapped parking space for staff and students, during lunch break. The officer contacted the driver, Amanda Guajardo of Lakeport. She says she was there to pick up her cousin, but school staff said that was not the case then it was found one of her passengers was on parole and Guajardo was a convicted felon. The deputy searched the three and the car, finding pepper spray and a couple of meth pipes. Guajardo was arrested, then found with drugs hidden on her body which the deputy thought might have been for sale on school grounds. So she was arrested for several crimes including being a felon in possession of pepper spray and possession and transportation of a controlled substance for sale. Since she was on probation, she was held on no bail.

Update for the Mendocino County Board of Supervisors on the county’s Cannabis Cultivation Program and related matters. The County Department of Agriculture commissioners told supervisors there would be a satellite office at the County Museum tomorrow. The department is also reportedly planning other outreach events over the next two months so the county has an opportunity to reach out to folks in rural places of the county so cultivators can meet up with them near their places of business or homes. The Daily Journal reports the cannabis permit application process is moving at a slow pace as there are 708 applications under review.

A damaged water line is being fixed in Middletown. But some homes were without water due to the break. Lake Co News reports the water system was temporarily shut down last night and water workers were there making repairs digging up earth in the area. The repairs were supposed to be complete last night. The news site reports Cal Fire and South Lake County Fire were ready with an emergency water supply if needed with water tenders at the ready. No word on how the water line burst.

Several new state gun control laws are in force now. One of the new laws means anyone getting a firearm in Calif. will have to have at least eight hours of training, with live-fire exercises, before they’re allowed to carry. That was part of just one of several bills the Governor signed yesterday. Right now Sheriffs and police chiefs have to get up to 16 hours of training before granting the permits. But there’s been no minimum standard or requirement so gun owners demonstrate they can safely shoot a gun. Major law enforcement groups say it’s a minimal requirement and a commonsense step. There are 25 other states requiring the same. The governor also signed a bill to ban bump stocks an add on to rifles that makes them like machine guns and was used in the Las Vegas Strip massacre.

The Governor has signed a load of bills, two related to marijuana. One to let folks buy and use weed at festivals or other public events if the organizer has a permit and permission from state and local authorities. Right now it’s only allowed on county-owned property like fairgrounds. The second pot related bill related to those arrested on marijuana charges who can’t get bank loans or technical support to get cannabis licenses.

Things are humming along on time for the final repairs of the Oroville Dam. November 1st is the deadline for construction of the new spillway. There was one snag, but it looks like they’ll still make the deadline. One of the slabs in the middle chute of the spillway had to be replaced because of hot weather and high winds. More than 220 new slabs have been laid in the spillway. There are still about seven slabs to lay in and the upper chute is about ¾’s of the way complete. There will still be some work after the Nov. 1st deadline though, emergency spillway work, concrete curing, joint sealing and sidewall backfill all on the main spillway.

If you’ve got a trip planned out of San Francisco’s new Transbay Transit Center, you’re out of luck. The Center’s closed until the end of next week because a cracked beam was found in a safety inspection. The Center cost $2.2 billion so buses and one day trains, can take off from there. But it was closed after only a month being opened after the crack was found in a beam that supports the complex. Officials say it’s about 2½ feet long and 4 inches deep on the bottom of a 60-foot-long beam over Fremont Street, between Mission and Howard streets. There’s another crack in a parallel steel beam crossing Fremont Street.

A new poll shows Democratic Gubernatorial candidate and Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom has a good lead to be the next state leader, but it’s off from what it was this summer. That according to a new poll by the Public Policy Institute of California. The poll has Newsom with 51 percent of likely voters choosing him, down from 55 percent in July over Republican John Cox, a businessman from San Diego County, who shot up from 31 to 39 percent over the same period. The president of the institute says it may be because Cox was campaigning quite a bit and his message of being an outsider may be resonating with independents. The same polling has Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s lead over state Sen. Kevin de León — both Democrats also slipping. She had a 22 point lead, now it’s only 11 points.

Traveling thru LAX with weed, you still have to go thru the TSA. Travelers can carry up to 28.5 grams of marijuana and 8 grams of concentrated marijuana for personal use since January. But if you’re planning to carry the weed past TSA, marijuana is illegal on the federal level. The TSA says they’re focused on terrorism and security threats and if they find marijuana on someone, they refer the case to police. It’s then up to cops to decide what to do. At the same time an LA City Council member is proposing marijuana amnesty boxes for travelers, so if they confiscate your stash, you could put it in a box to be retrieved when you return.

A man arrested in Wisconsin, running from cops after a market ripoff, then goes to a cornfield but comes back out saying he was overtaken by mosquitoes. Police in Cambellsport say John Wilson of Fond du Lac was hiding after being accused of stealing more than $500 of booze from a Piggly Wiggly. They say he then led them on a three-mile car chase and emerged then ran into the field. Cops with a police dog went after him, but just after the search started they find him trying to hitchhike nearby. He threw his hands up when they found him, saying, "I am the guy you’re looking for" and the mosquitoes were "really bad." He asked his arresting officer to wipe more than a dozen squeeters from his forehead.

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