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title News 9/28/18

The time for voters to make a decision about weather to support Proposition 6 will be here soon, and a new poll by the Public Policy Institute of California sheds a little light on how voters are feeling right now. The proposition, that would repeal an increase in the state Gas tax, and cut about $5 Billion from the state transportation budget was opposed by only 39% of voters. Respondents of the poll did send a mixed a message though, when half said they’d have no problem voting to repeal. The only question now is weather more voters will come around when they find out there’s a plan to pay for it, which is to divert some tax dollars to road maintenance, ending the stage’s high-speed rail project, and cutting union compensation packages.

The Clearlake Police Department received a report this week from staff at Lake County Behavioral Health about a man threatening to come to the office and shoot employees. 32 year old Michael McDaniel of Spring Vally is accused of calling the office and speaking with two staff members, threatening to come and shoot employees. Police says he has a rap sheet that includes murder, and that they found multiple firearms in his possession. Clearlake Police searched McDaniels home in Spring Valley, and later found him at a neighbor’s house before arresting him for felony criminal threats and booking him into the Lake County Jail.

For over 50 years, a federal fund has been the source of billions of dollars used in developing and acquiring public lands like Trionne-Annadel State Park, and it is being allowed to expire on Sunday. This has California officials concerned because the fund has been a major part of funding used in upkeep around the state, supporting about 30 projects over the years with $7.8 million in funding.

In a move that could only have ended badly, a man at Dublin airport missed his flight yesterday, and tried flagging the pilot down to get on board. Witnesses say the man busted through an airport door, running down the tarmac yelling and waving in an attempt to flag down the plane. Predictably, he was detained and turned over to police. On his way out of the airport, he yelled at media, and swung his suitcase at them, before mooning the crowd. He has a court date in November.

Some tense moments today as a Lake County Sheriff’s School Resource Deputy and Kelseyville High School staff received reports of verbal threats made by two students to shoot other students at the school. All schools in the district were placed under lockdown until the suspects could be found and student safety could be ensured. The suspects were located and arrested for making criminal threats, their parents are cooperating with the investigation.

Back in Oct 2017, the Mendocino County Board of Supervisors commissioned a study to try and find out which employees are underpaid, and overpaid- to see if any changes could be made. Looking at the cost of labor differences around Mendocino County showed that the city of Santa Rosa had a 12.4% difference in the cost of labor, while Humboldt/Euraka and Lake/Lakeport counties showed 0%. The study recommended that a salary strategy be used to find out the appropriate difference between pay in Mendocino County and pay in Lake County, etc and come up with fair salary and schedules.

A university in Toronto is offering support to any of the 500 students accidentally exposed to a graphic anatomy lesson during a lecture on Introductory Psychology. The University professor was trying to beam his lesson through a projector for his students when the racy video began broadcasting to students who had mixed reactions. Some laughed, others walked out, and some even posted snapchat video of their horrified classmate’s reactions in the packed lecture hall. A university spokesperson says the school is aware of the situation and are encouraging students who are feeling unsettled to speak with staff.

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