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The National Test of Emergency Alert System (EAS) and Wireless Emergency Alert (WEA) that was postponed due Hurricane Florence is back on. Tomorrow FEMA with the FCC is conducting the test using both the Wireless Emergency Alert (WEA) at 11:18 AM, then the Emergency Alert System (EAS) directly after at 11:20 AM. When you hear or see the test, it will let you know loud and clear, it’s only a test. The cell phone towers will run the text tests for about 30 minutes with the header “Presidential Alert” and that no action’s necessary, because it’s a test. The Emergency Alert on TV and Radio will be one you may be familiar with, with THIS IS A TEST of the National Emergency Alert System.

The driver of a car at the Ranch Fire burn scar has been killed. The National Forest released a statement that a car crash was found on the Ranch Fire near County Road 308 and Forest Road 20N01 Saturday afternoon around 5 p.m. They say the driver was a contractor working on fire suppression repair work on the Mendocino National Forest. They died in the accident. Their name has not been released. No other details are available. The cause of the accident is being reviewed.

Everyone at the table, discussing Measure B. The Citizens Oversight Committee met up last Wednesday, Sept. 26th, with the meeting going into overtime. The committee reviewed the tax funds expenditure report and gave the thumbs up for an increase for payments to a contractor with the first report on the state of Mental Health Care in the county, Kemper and Associates. The Sheriff, an advocate for mental health care, led the discussion so the committee would come up with a plan of action and deliver it back to the Board of Supervisors, who could then decide how to spend Measure B money. The County CEO says she wants the board to find ways to attack crisis stabilization and a way forward for a crisis residential treatment center. The Sheriff also trying to get the committee to move forward quickly with conclusions.

A union in Mendocino County representing hundreds of employees says it wants the Board of Supervisors to table any management raises until the Classification and Compensation Study is done. The Daily Journal reports SEIU Local 1021 representatives report the board coming in with a proposed 21 percent salary increase over 4 years for the County CEO on today’s agenda and another 21.5 percent yearly increase for the Assistant Agriculture Commissioner and an increase for a new Public Defender at 9 percent. This after a board meeting last month where supervisors approved waiting for the study eight months. It shows how below market the wages are for county employees compared to like sized counties in the state. It was supposed to come out this summer, but now it’s delayed til next june.

Work’s begun in Clearlake for the Local Hazard Mitigation Plan. It’s part of the Disaster Mitigation Act of 2000 in Calif. So the city has to come up with a list of ways it will be proactive against possible disasters and hazards. There will be a public meeting for the plan tomorrow at city hall in Clearlake at 5 p.m. where there will be a preview of the work ahead to form a committee. The city’s Engineering Dept. is spearheading the project. Members of the public have been invited to the meetings which will go about eight months. The same firm that helped form the county’s plan will oversee Clearlake’s too. Clearlake’s is being paid for from a FEMA grant.

The principal at Terrace Middle School in Lakeport’s been asked to go on administrative leave, but we don’t know why yet. The Record Bee reports the leave looks to have started last Monday with a text blast sent to parents a couple days later saying the principal was put on administrative leave for a confidential personnel matter. The newspaper reports the School Board President wouldn’t confirm or deny the leave, and wouldn’t confirm if they’d discuss it at the next board meeting, this Thursday at 6 PM. The meeting’s open to the public, but on the agenda is a notation of Closed session topics to include a “Public Employee Discipline/Dismissal/Release/Leave of Absence” as well as some pending litigation. The newspaper also reports by state law, the board cannot discuss administrative leave if it’s for a personnel matter, which may be alleged misconduct, criminal investigations, and security concerns.

Trying to get schools repairs, upgrades or total infrastructure overhauls in Calif. So voters will decide whether billions of dollars should be spent on items like school construction bonds. There’s a reported 90 school districts with construction bond measures on the Nov. 6th ballot, especially looking for security upgrades after the Parkland, Fla., massacre in February. They’re also looking to get new air conditioning units, take lead out of drinking water and more. Many schools need repairs and renovations too.

A big turnout for the Kelseyville Pear Festival. It was the 25th year in a row and a little misty outside, some rain and some sun. Lake Co News reports the festival coordinators saying they thought the festival was as big or bigger than the festival back in 2016, with great attendance, between 11,000 and 12,000 visitors. There were more than 130 booths this year and apparently some of the vendors sold out entirely, for the first time.

A new water year’s begun in California. It happened during a bit of a rainy day and more in the immediate forecast after about a year of less than average rainfall. The Department of Water Resources year goes Oct. 1st-Sept. 30th. So the last water year ended Sunday with hot, dry weather and some spotty rainfall. The last year saw average statewide snowpack at 58 percent of average by April 1st about a third it was a year before, when we had a ton of rain, 159 percent of average. Even though we’re below average for rain, the agency reported most of the reservoirs in the state have near- or above-average levels of water.

If you were looking forward to staying up later than 2 AM at your local watering hole, you’re out of luck. The Governor’s veto’d a bill, for the second time, to put last call to 4 am in nine cities, including Sacramento. The Gov. says those extra two hours would mean more drinking, and while he understands it’s a good source of revenue for businesses, the CHP says increased drinking will lead to more drunk drivers. The Gov. says he thinks there’s already enough mischief from midnight to 2 without adding two more hours of mayhem.

No more bots allowed online for businesses in Calif. The Governor singing a bill that says it’ll be against the law for businesses to use bots to be in touch with others and not allow them to know it’s a bot and try to get the other person to buy something or to influence them in an election. It starts July 1st of 2019. A bot is not a human, it’s an automated online account that seems like, or behaves like a human and has an account of a human. Last year Facebook reported as many as 60 million bots may be active on the social media platform. The bill says bots can be and are often weaponized to spread fake and misleading news, reshape political debates, and influence advertising audiences…

A man in Oregon’s arrested for an assault on an FBI agent shot from a booby-trapped wheelchair. Cops went to the man’s home in Williams last month after a real estate attorney said the property was for sale, but it was filled with weapons and booby traps. Officers found spike strips and a hot tub on its side which was boobied to roll over anyone who triggered a tripwire. In the house was a wheelchair with a fishing line, shotgun ammo and other items triggering an explosion, a bullet hit one agents leg. Gregory Rodvel was forced to forfeit his property after an elder abuse case involving his mother. He’s arrested again after being released in August to prepare the property for sale.

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