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A woman in Lake County’s pleaded guilty to human trafficking. The Lake County DA reports Krystina Marie Pickersgill pleaded guilty yesterday to one count and for this she’ll get three years of probation and credit for four months already served, plus she has to have strict mental health treatment. She could go to prison for up to 12 years if she does not abide by the terms of her probation. It comes after a woman reported to the DA at the play in town, "Jane Doe in Wonderland" on sex trafficking, that she was a victim herself. After the play the DA investigated, arresting Pickersgill and her husband Sam Massette for running a sex trafficking ring. The DA says Pickersgill was a victim of trafficking then a participant later after going off her mental health meds. Massette is awaiting a preliminary hearing set for October 17th where he faces 10 counts of human trafficking, pimping, pandering and conspiracy.

The Lake County Board of Supervisors has continued the local health emergencies in the county for the Pawnee and Mendocino Complex fires. The board also got an update on the cleanup of debris from the fires, which is not totally done yet. The proclamations were therefore continued since there are still health risks for the community. The Lake County Public Health Officer and some of the County’s Environmental Health staffers at the meeting giving an update. CalRecycle expected to be done with their Pawnee fire property assessments Friday with debris removal starting next Monday. Debris removal starting on the Mendocino Complex already. The County reports there are still properties who have not given their Right of Entry so debris removal cannot take place there. Also at the meeting an update will be coming to the board soon on the Cache Creek landslide near the Spring Valley Lakes subdivision to make sure the land stays stable.

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