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More than a dozen cottages are being built for those impacted by the October 2017 firestorm in Sonoma County. The 15 modular tiny houses in two spots in Windsor and Fountaingrove after the loss of as many as 5,300 homes in the county. They are for short-term use for affordable housing for people who no longer have a house after the Tubbs Fire. Some of them should be ready next month and eventually will end up being granny units to be added to properties with single-family homes. A group of volunteer builders, architects and marketing professionals put together right after the fire have put up one of the homes, a 480-square-foot modular on temporary display at a Fulton winery.

An architecture professor at UC Berkeley who resigned last month after he was accused of sexual harassment, is suing. Professor Nezar AlSayyad was teaching at the university since 1985 is suing the Chancellor Carol Christ and the Board of Regents claiming the Chancellor overruled a disciplinary panel of other professors recommending a shorter unpaid suspension because the sexual harassment supposedly was only quote, “touching her thigh for one to two seconds while in a car”. And a faculty panel also found no evidence of abuse of position or power over the student. It’s all after a doctoral student said AlSayyad sexually harassed her and manipulated, intimidated and isolated her, forcing her to change departments and the course of her career.


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