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The principal at Terrace Middle School is out. At the meeting of the school board last night with public comment, Rachel Paarsch was ousted as principal but gets to stay as a teacher. The Board President said it was a difficult matter, after two hours they made the announcement. One of the board member’s Paarsch’s father recused himself from the vote. Paarsch was in the principal position since August 2016. The district also not releasing the details of the demotion. Paarsch placed on administrative leave last month with no word why. But on Sept. 26th, the school district Superintendent reportedly put out an automated phone call to parents, then an email followed with the same info just saying the principal is on leave. Supporters say Paarsch supported three people running for the school board who had been critical of the board.

Someone seen in their car in Clearlake with a gun has been arrested. Police say Jason Compton was pulled over for a traffic stop after it looked like there was false evidence of registration on the rear license plate and it had tinted windows, which are illegal. The man was arrested for the misdemeanor violation of displaying false vehicle registration, but then police saw a 9-millimeter handgun under the driver’s seat with no serial number on it. He told police it was not his, but the officer said the man was acting suspicious around the driver’s seat. He’s now charged with displaying false registration, a misdemeanor, and two felony counts of possession of a concealed firearm in a vehicle and possession of a firearm with altered or removed serial number.

The California Attorney General has announced the arrest of 52 people in connection to the Campaign Against Marijuana Planting, or CAMP. It’s a nationwide marijuana eradication program. The program this year alone eradicated more than 614,000 plants in more than 254 illegal grow sites in Calif. alone. Agents also found 110 weapons. There were three arrests in Lake County. Atty. Gen. Xavier Becerra says it was a 12 week operation they partnered with local, state and federal agencies on to eradicate indoor and outdoor marijuana grows and dealing in the state.

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