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It’s been a year since the Sulphur fire and communities are still working on recovery and rebuilds. Lake Co News reports several dozen residents without homes are suing Pacific Gas and Electric which has been fingered by the state as being responsible for the fire. CalFire had also released the results of investigations saying several fires that broke out in October of 2017 including the Sulphur Fire somehow came into contact with electric power and distribution lines. The fire agency found the same for Lake, Humboldt, Butte, Sonoma and Napa counties which includes the Sulphur fire; the Redwood fire in Mendocino County; the Cherokee fire in Butte County; the 37 and Pocket fires in Sonoma County and the Nuns fires in Sonoma and Napa counties; and the Atlas fire in Napa County. PG&E reportedly working on proactive measures so fires like this don’t break out again like a state-of-the-art wildlife safety operations center, weather stations in high fire risk areas, fire defense zones near power lines in high fire threat areas and a public safety power shutoff.


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