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A suspected drunk driver has suffered major injuries after apparently crashing into a home in Fort Bragg. The CHP reports the early morning crash happened today on Pudding Creek Road, just outside northeast Fort Bragg. The driver reportedly headed east on the road which is described as rural, came off the pavement for an unknown reason on a curve, then ran into private property and crashed into the corner of the house. They say the driver then left the car, but was found in the area by emergency workers with a major head wound. They were taken to Mendocino Coast Hospital in Fort Bragg and he was also arrested for suspicion of impaired driving. His name has not been released.

The chief elections official in the state says he’s not sure if any of the 1,500 people who were registered to vote in error voted in the June primary. Secretary of State Alex Padilla says they’re investigating the mistake the DMV let them know about. The 1,500 were either told they were ineligible or didn’t confirm their eligibility and were registered  anyway. That might include non-citizens, those under 18 or others who may have been ineligible to vote because of a criminal conviction. This is the second glitch the DMV made since their new voter registration process was put in place which Padilla says may have to be suspended, adding it jeopardizes confidence in the state’s elections.

A couple of sagging PG&E power lines hit each other and started a fire that killed four people and injured a firefighter in Northern California. The findings from CalFire related to last October 8th’s Cascade Fire in Yuba County that burned 15 square miles and destroyed more than 260 structures. The agency says strong winds were blowing and the lines touched which created an electrical arc which ignited vegetation below it. The findings have been sent to the Yuba County Attorney. It’s just one of several fires that broke out that day in Northern Calif. killing 44 people and burning down over 5,300 homes. PG&E is blamed for 12 fires last October in Wine Country that killed 15 people. Still no word on what caused the giant Tubbs Fire, the most destructive fire, to this day, in state history, burning thousands of homes and killing 22 people in Sonoma County.


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