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Grant applications being accepted by the Division of Boating and Waterways from public government entities to buy and maintain floating restrooms across California’s waterways. It’s a grant program to help reduce pollution from recreational boater sewage so there are actual bathrooms out in places on the water with limited landside access. About a million gallons of sewage kept out of state waterways every year using the floating restrooms. They’re solar-powered and hold about 500 gallons of sewage. They’ve been redesigned for the 2019 grant cycle to be ADA compliant. For those Interested they can submit grant applications at the Division office by 5 p.m. Nov. 15th.

General information on the grant requirements and online application can be found on DBW’s Floating Restroom Grant webpage.

5 people have been arrested in Kelseyville after a drug search. The Lake County Sheriff’s Office Narcotic Unit served a search warrant and found the five who were detained. After a search of the residence and property, detectives found 16 ounces of meth, 3 grams of heroin, 96 pounds of processed marijuana and more than 500 plants and a couple guns. Jaime Manzo, Enrique Cortesmolina, Angel Milanez Perez, Jeffrey Ariel Ponce, and Dora Melia Wills all of Kelseyville were arrested. The weed was growing near a creek which is a felony violation of the Health and Safety Code. The five charged with several crimes including, possession of methamphetamine for sales, cultivation of marijuana, possession of marijuana for sales and maintaining a residence for the purposes of narcotics sales. They were all released except for one of them who’s held on $500,000 because he was armed at the time of the warrant service.


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