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Former Governor and of course actor Arnold Schwarzenegger has come up in the era of the #metoo movement to say he’s not always been a gentleman. Back in 2003 when he was running for Calif. Governor, he denied allegations of sexual misconduct, but now he tells Mens Health magazine, he may have “stepped over the line several times” and says he was “the first one to say sorry.” He says he feels bad about it and when he was governor he and others took sexual-harassment courses to have a clear understanding legally and for a regular behavior point of view, of what is accepted and what is not. Schwarzenegger was never criminally charged for any of the allegations about him.

3 people being eyed by police for growing marijuana on tribal land. The Mendocino County Sheriff’s office reports Carmen Christy of Talmage, Rudolfo Prudente of Santa Rosa and Jorge Luis Arredondo Navarro of Fresno seen after several complaints from community members and tribal members about a cultivation site on the Yokayo Rancheria land. Cops did a flyover last month and saw two plastic greenhouses and more than 50 outdoor plants. The Sheriff’s Office found that it was Christy’s property and that the cultivation might be using water diverted from the Tribe’s general well. The other two living in tents in the grow area. Nobody’s been arrested but the case is being followed up on then submitted to the Mendocino County District Attorney’s Office to review for criminal charges.

A federal grant to be used by the California Highway Patrol in the Trinity River area for a traffic safety program. The project already began at the beginning of the month. It goes thru next September. Officers will be out on State Routes 299, 3, and 36; and roads in Trinity County where they have jurisdiction. The CHP office says it will help with services they already provide, with more education for motorists and enhanced proactive enforcement in the community. From Oct. 1st 2015 to Sept. 30, 2016 there were nearly 160 people killed and injured in crashes on state routes and highways the CHP Trinity River Area office oversees.

3 people in Eureka have been arrested after complaints there might have been drug deals going on at a local motel. The police dept.’s Problem Oriented Policing unit went out yesterday morning and found the trio, Anthony Jones, Racheal Naze and Chelsey Kidd-Thompson with nearly 52 grams of suspected heroin, about one and a quarter gram of what looked to be methamphetamine, and items consistent with possession for sales of a controlled substance. The three charged with possession of a controlled substance(s) for the purpose of sales or possession of a controlled substance. They were booked into the Humboldt County Prison.


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