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If you’ve been at a gas pump in Sonoma lately, beware. Two gas stations in Sonoma have discovered credit card skimmers at their pumps, which are thought to have been in place since Oct 5th. The devices are used to skim your credit card info, stealing it with the intent to commit fraud. If you bought gas at a pump recently and have noticed fraudulent activity, call the authorities.

A common cause brought about 150 people to the Lakeport Cinemas Parking. They were there were there for the renaming of State hwy route 29 as Deputy Sheriff Robert Rumfelt Memorial Highway. The highway was renamed after Senator McGuie introduced a bill to rename the highway for Deputy Rumflet who grew up in Lakeport, graduating from Clear Lake High. The road was renamed in his honor so the community could recognize his sacrifice to the community.

Hackers have busted into Facebook again, and this time saw the personal info of 14 million users, according to Facebook. In a release today, the social media giant says that hackers took advantage of a security flaw to expose the data that included email addresses, recent checkins and even previous searches. If you’d like to know if your account was hacked, visit Facebook’s online help center.

A weak California Dept of Education is hampering support provided to the schools by the state according to a new report by The Getting Down To The Facts Research project. The group says that conditions in the California Dept. of Education constrain the agency’s ability to support frontline practice because it cannot help districts directly. The report did make note of the CDE’s attempt to step into a new role after signifiant reorganization – geared towards becoming more of a support organization.

A woman walking the Fryer Creek Trail in south Sonoma one evening was approached by a strange man who groped her from behind, and tried putting his hand up her shirt. After the woman punched the man, he ran off towards Manor Drive. The suspect has been described as a man in his 30’s, 5 feet 10 inches tall with a chubby build, dark hair, goatee and mustache. Sonoma County Sheriff’s office has increased patrols in the area and are asking residents to be extra vigilant. If you have any info in the case, call Sonoma Police.

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