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The Mendocino County Board of Supervisors Cannabis Ad Hoc Committee having a community meeting. On Monday, October 29th the committee will give a brief update and hear recommendations from residents about possible changes to the County’s Cannabis Cultivation Ordinance. The committee was created in July by the board, it’s made up of two board members who will review the ordinance then report back to the board for possible revisions. The meeting in 2 Mondays from now from 5:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. at the Willits Community Center at 111 E Commercial Street.

A woman from Southern Humboldt reported missing. Diana Hahn was last seen Monday in Idaho. She was apparently stopped by police for driving erratically. There’s a missing person’s be on the lookout alert on now, but it wasn’t in place when she was pulled over. It’s not known where she may be as she’s been out of touch with family and friends and they say she’s experiencing extreme paranoia. She reportedly rented a dark blue Dodge Caravan minivan last Thursday. Her son and his dad, Hahn’s ex husband reaching out to media for help finding her, saying they’re concerned for her welfare, with her son asking the community to help him find his mom.

First 5 Lake County Commission is looking for a new member. The member to participate in helping local kids to enter school happy, healthy and ready to learn! Those on the Commission meet the second Wednesday of the month alternating between North and South shores. For more information, please contact First 5 Lake at (707) 263-6169, or visit our website to fill out an application

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