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If you haven’t received your mail ballot yet, you should call the county clerks office, as they all should have arrive by now since they were mailed out on Oct 9th. Today is also the last day to register to vote so if you haven’t registered yet, you have until midnight to do so at If you aren’t sure if you are registered, you can also check at the website. Questions can be directed to the county clerk’s office at 707-234-6819.

For those living in communities that have banned the sale of Marijuana, you may still be able to get it after the state took steps on Friday to allow deliveries into those communities. There is currently a 15 day public comment period being planned, as those in opposition the deliveries say they could increase certain types of crime like impaired driving and robberies. Some expect the rules to be in place by the new year.

Offenders serving time for non violent third strike offenses may soon be up for parole thanks to a ballot measure voters approved back in 2016. Between three and four thousand prisoners could be eligible for parole under the new rules expected by the end of the year. There will be public safety screenings and parole board hearings before any inmate is ever released under the new rules.

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