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If you’ve been wondering what to do with your old prescription drugs, here’s your chance to safely discard them. Saturday is National Take Back Day and the Fort Bragg Police Department at 250 Cypress street in Fort Bragg will be participating. Black out your personal information and bring your prescription and over the counter medications to dispose of with no questions asked. It’s free and anonymous.

Some scary moments today for commuters on the 101 freeway after a small plane crashed and landed on the lefthand side of the westbound lanes around 1:45 this afternoon, snarling traffic for miles. LA county fire responded, shutting the freeway down in both directions. There were no injuries were reported.

A report by Kemper Consulting group about a study on the Mental health system in Mendocino County looked at what will be needed over the next 10 years. The takeaway was that the county is struggling with the delivery of mental health services, and the study makes recommendations on funding with a ten year finance plan related to Measure B passed by voters in 2017 calling for a tax and the construction of a facility to offer services and treatment programs. As far as the new facility goes, Mendocino County and the National Alliance on Mental Illness have announced a grand opening on Thursday Nov 1st 2 to 7pm at 564 South Dora Street, Suite E.

This morning’s meeting is in the books, and the Lake County Tourism Improvement District is a go! Next step is to form a board and create a non-profit to collect assessments. A new assessment of 1.5% instead of the original 3% percent was proposed which is expected to raise $170,000 a year, less than the previous proposal’s $340.000 a year and will begin Jan 2019. The goal is to improve the local economy and promote tourism.

If you love LOVE, then you’ll love “Artful LiaIsons: Connecting Painters Grace Carpenter, Edward Espey, and Grafton Tyler Brown. The exhibit is now open, featuring personal stories from the artists. There will be two tours on Saturday, both limited to 20 persons at 11am and again at 2pm, and reservations are required for the exclusive tours. The exhibit runs through February 17th at the Grace Hudson Museum, Wednesday through Saturdays noon to 4:30pm.

A duplex fire on Saturday required a response by Ukiah Valley Fire Authority, and an investigation is now underway after it took an hour and a half to put out the blaze. Authorities have not announced a cause of the fire, but say a male suspect has been arrested by Ukiah Police. The fire only burned one unit in the building, and there were no injuries reported.

A quick thinking store owner in Belgium was held up by 6 robbers in the middle of the day, and what happened next is right out of a comedy sketch. The salesman at the e-cigarette store told the would-be robbers that they should come back at the end of the day, and he would give them even more money. They agreed and left the store. The group, now being called the worst robbers in Belgium, had a surprise waiting when they returned to finish the robbery right at closing time. Police were also there, waiting to arrest them.

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