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Save the date because it’s coming back December on 16th!! The 11th annual community Christmas Carol Sing along is starting to come together. If you want to join in, rehearsals will be on Sundays at 12:30pm at the First Presbyterian church in Ukiah, and are scheduled for Oc 28th, Nov 11th, of 25th, Dec 2 and Dec 9th. Mandatory dress rehearsal will be Dec 14th at 5:30pm. The big event begins at 3:30pm, and will last about an hour.

Three sisters from Ukiah return for a “Bountiful Boutique” with Ukiah Symphony next month. Patricia Rice Agee, Elizabeth Rice Oliver and Jessica Rice Vierra will be featured at the boutique and fundraiser planned for Nov 4th, 2pm at the Ukiah First Presbyterian Church. More info can be found at Tickets to the event are available at Mendocino Book Company and online.

Holiday in the Pines returns to Lake County for the 15th year on November 10th and 11th, at the Twin Pine Casino and Hotel Event Center from 10am to 5pm. Great new gift ideas like Candles, iron work and knit crafts will be featured for the first time, and original paintings, pottery, jewelry and wood sculptures will be on exhibit by Cobb Mountain Artists.

It’s a great idea to raise money for community and recovery efforts in Lake County, in the wake of the Mendocino Complex wildfire. A digital music compilation featuring mostly electronic music is coming together, and 100% of the funds raised will be donated to The United Way of the Wine Country and local non profit, North Coast Opportunities. The project will be available on Nov 16th, but a preview has already been posted at

The latest research all points to the same conclusion. Students who attended a Pre K program do much better in school than their peers who did not, and now four communities are asking voters for help providing those services to local students. A measure looking for more funding for early childhood education programs in Richmond, Oakland, Capitola, Santa Cruz coast and San Joaquin county will go on the ballot after a 3-2 vote by the board of supervisors.

The lease is up, but Mike Schultz, owner of Yokayo bowling Center doesn’t want to close up shop! Erickson Brother’s Properties is accepting offers to buy the building that houses the bowling center, but none have been accepted. Now Schultz says he has over 6000 signatures on petitions posted in neighboring businesses for the public to sign. Schultz says he just wants to invite every family member of Erickson Brother’s Properties employees to a Special Olympics practice. So far he hasn’t heard back from any takers. The business will shutter in the first week of December if no progress can made.

Changes are coming to cost of living allowances, and employees aren’t taking it lying down. Classified and temporary employees of Mendocino Lake Community College district picked up signs and picketed yesterday to raise awareness about changes announced by Mendocino College. State provided cost of living allowances will not offered in the form of wage increases anymore, but rather as a one time bonus. President of the Mendocino Lake Community College Chapter of classified and STNC employees, Toni Fort, says that morale is down because employees feel disrespected.

Throw less away, and you could have lower garbage bills if two motions proposed last week are approved. Council member Steve Scalmanini says he feels the option to set rates like every other city in the north bay should be available for the county, and moved to consider a 20% discount in the next meeting.

Not in this judge’s courtroom! A Seattle judge wasn’t having it when two inmates ran out of his Washington State courtroom. He took matters into his own hands, stripping off his robe and giving chase after the inmates down a stairwell, catching up with one of the bad guys at the bottom. Police caught up with his accomplice a few blocks away. The two are now charged with second degree escape.

A duplex fire on Saturday required a response by Ukiah Valley Fire Authority, and an investigation is now underway after it took an hour and a half to put out the blaze on Marshall Street. Authorities say a male suspect was detained for a mental health evaluation by Ukiah Police. The fire only burned one unit in the building, and there were no injuries reported.

How many times have you been asked by your IT person if you rebooted when reporting a technical issue with your computer? Well the strategy was recently employed successfully by NASA after losing contact with the Hubble Space Telescope earlier this month. The famous telescope put itself in hibernation mode, and controllers working to get the telescope back up and running were having no luck. After two weeks of fighting with the telescope, engineers rebooted the system, and it seems to have worked! They are now working to get the scope pointed back in the right direction, and if they are successful, normal operations can be resumed.

After leaving a restaurant carrying a crate of cans, police in the UK posted the mans picture, asking for any information about who the suspect could be. Unfortunately, the responses weren’t very helpful, because the suspect was the spitting image of Ross from friends. When police posted a still image of the man leaving with his loot, users jumped on right away with jokes about the beloved character from the 90’s. Police are still looking for their suspect, who is definitely NOT Ross from Friends.

Police arrested Denver Broncos Quarterback Chad kelly yesterday in a bizarre case of criminal trespassing in Colorado. The police report says officers responded to residence after a call came in about a man outside the home. When police arrived, Kelly was already inside the house and had to be chased out. A statement by John Elway, Denver’s General Manager, said they are disappointed in Chad, but are still getting all of the facts before deciding how to respond to the incident.

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