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Headquarters will be the Northshore Fire Protection District in Clearlake Oaks when they 37th annual catfish derby gets underway from May 16th to May 19th. The derby will raise money for scholarships and important causes around the community. Over 1000 people re expected to take part, about 40% coming from Lake County alone

The wind will come sweeping down the plane when Oklahoma! opens at the Soper Reese Theater in Lakeport tomorrow. Tickets run between $17 and $22 in advance, and up to $27 at the door, and are available now at The show will run though Nov 11th.

Gearing up for election day takes a lot of preparation, and the Lake County Registrar of Voters office is up for the task. The are set to start testing voting equipment on Tuesday of next week at 9am. If you would like to attend, the testing will be in the Registrar of Voters office on the second floor, room 209 of the Lake County Courthouse in Lakeport.

A pet store in San Diego fond a surprise waiting in an black duffel bag left on their doorstep. Inside was a thee fool alligator! The owner of the store told ABC that he is happy the alligator was left at his store instead of releasing it into the wild. The alligator will be kept in a turtle tank until game officials pick it up.

The Clearlake City Council meets today for a closed session at 5:30pm, the public portion begins at 6pm today in the council chambers at Clearlake city hall on Olympic Drive. Updates to the Clearlake Municipal Code and gym equipment for the Clearlake police department are on today’s agenda, along with possible approval of a Community Development Block Grant program for code enforcement.

Lake County residents can get up close to nature in pontoon boat rides provided by Redbud Audubon. The guided tours are paid for by one major fundraiser, and volunteers are critical to the program’s success. It’s a big commitment though, because volunteers must get licensed, and the number of boats and volunteers have decreased in recent years. If you are available to help out two weekends this spring, April 27th and 28th, and May 4th and 5th, contact Redbud Audubon. You must own a pontoon boat in good condition and have experience driving boats.

The lower lake high school football program had a huge need for equipment, and the California Fire Lawyers have answered that call, donating $2200 to the program for the purchase of new hitting bags for practice and other gear for the team.

Federal money has been allocated by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development in the form of housing vouchers for families in the city of Santa Rosa along with Sonoma and Mendocino counties after last year’s wildfires destroyed over 3000 homes in Sonoma county, and 300 in Mendocino County. The three municipalities are expected to receive 3.5 million dollars, a much needed boost amid the state’s housing crisis and sky high rent prices.

Thanks to a one year grant, California Highway Patrol will be working at local schools and community events all across the state to address the number one killer of teens in the country- car accidents, many of which are caused by distracted drivers. The Teen Distracted Driver’s Education and Enforcement Grant will help spread the message: focus on the road ahead and get where you are going safely. A study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has found that drivers aged 15 to 19 have the highest amount of drivers who were distracted at the time of an accident.

Today from 5 to 7:30pm at the Middletown United Methodist Church on Armstrong street is your last chance to register for “Spirit of The Season,” and help build holiday gift baskets for children. The program offers Christmas presents and food to residents across South Lake County who meet certain requirements. If you want to apply for the assistance, stop by today and bring your kids christmas wish list, and shoe and clothing sizes with you to choose three gift ideas under $25.00. You’ll also need proof on income and residence.

He grew up in Upper Lake and served worked in the fire service for 42 years. Now after 7 years ac chief of Northshore Fire Protection District, Jay Beristianos has retired. Mike Ciancio has worked as deputy chief for several years, and will replace Beristianos to lead the district’s 21 firefighters.

A thanksgiving staple for years, the Greenbean casserole was invented by Dorcas Reilly back in 1955 after she combined green beans and cream of mushroom soup, calling her creation Green Bean Bake. Reilly passed away this month of Alzheimers, but her road to immortalization began when she went to work in the home economics depart at Campbell’s where she first came up with the recipe. The recipe didn’t get the highest rating during taste tests at Campbell’s, so she kept working on it until she got what we all know and love to see on the table every year for Thanksgiving. The Green Bean Casserole.

Just in case there was any lingering doubt, the man responsible for stealing a case of beer from a restaurant this week in England is NOT Ross from Friends, and David Schwimmer proved his innocence yesterday after a pic of the criminal was released showing a man, who is the spitting image of the beloved character from Friends. Schwimmer posted a video to twitter yesterday of himself in a store, carrying a case of cans dressed just like the suspect. The caption reads “officers, i swear it wasn’t me- as you can see, I was in New York. To the hardworking Blackpool police, good luck with the investigation #itwasntme”.

Why did the cobra cross the road? Because he had help by a professional snake catcher. In a scene caught on camera, the snake was slithering down a buy road in India when a man who works as a snake catcher saw the Cobra in danger of being run over. The man jumped off his bike and stopped traffic so the snake could safely slither to the other side of the road. Annoyed drivers can be heard honking their horns in the video, but the snake catcher was was unfazed.

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