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More than one or two dams in Lake County are listed in a report by the California Department of water resources division of safety of dams- including two operated by Lake County Sanitation district in Clearlake oaks and upper lake and the adobe creek and highland creek dams. All four are in Satisfactory condition according to the report..

The goal is to provide young people aged 14 to 24 with career pathways and future employment. Careerpoint Mendocino will offer career counseling, paid work experience and career information. The Mendocino offices are 2550 North State St. in Ukiah and 1211 Del Mar drive in Fort Bragg. more info at

The chore of cleanup continues after the Pawnee and Mendocino complex fires damaged buildings, and as of the 20th, officials say that all debris had been removed on almost half of 12 parcels for the Pawnee fire. Property owners have submitted rights of entry forms for over 150 property owners, and over 40 of those sites have finished removing debris. There are still about 190 parcels of land damaged by fire that still need work.

Here’s something you never considered on a trip to disneyland… Apparently the park along with Disney World are some of the most popular places to scatter the ashes of loved ones. It happens so much there’s a word for it- a HEPA cleanup. That’s what employees at the park order when they see visitors scattering ashes around the park. According to Disney insiders, HEPA cleanups happen at least once a month. The Haunted mansion according to employees is one of the most popular places in the park to leave the ashes. There are human ashes in flowerbeds and water rides. But before you plan a trip to spread you loved ones ashes- a spokesperson from disney says the practices is frowned upon, and will get you booted from the park

They’s probably say they were just doing their jobs, but 40 heroic firefighters are being honored for their work fighting the Mendocino Complex wildfires over the summer. Fire Chief Kenneth Herbert was there to see it in person as the men risked their lives fighting the fires. The 40 being honored were part of a regional strike team, which must always be ready to go with no notice, and has been called out six times this year.

Millions of dollars could be coming our way to help with the state’s housing crisis. The state senate is considering a bill that will bring services and programs like permanent housing to rural areas and larger metropolitan areas as well- 6.6 million for Mendocino County alone. The legislation being considered will focus on residents who are chronically homeless, or at risk of chronic homelessness and may be suffering from drug and alcohol addiction and mental health issues.

It took 7 years of careful planning and preparation by the California Department of Public Health, ad now a new 14,700 square foot state of the art emergency department, intensive care unit and helipad has opened their doors. The new facility boasts 19 private treatment rooms, negative pressure rooms for highly contagious patients and two trauma rooms. Eight critical are rooms were built with state of the art technology, and space for family bedside. The hospital began accepting patients today.

With the holiday season about to kick off, the whole family will enjoy getting out into nature and picking out the family Christmas tree together, and tree permits will be available starting Nov 1st for a fee of $10.00. The permits are first come, and can be picked up at the Upper Lake Range Station at 10025 Elk Mtn Road, or you can fill out a form and mail in for a permit If you have a fourth grader, present a fourth grade pass, get a free permit courtesy of the Every Kid In The Park initiative. More info at

The results are in, and students at Ukiah Unified School District are improving in both math and english. The California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress tests were taken by students back in May. English scores improved for grades 3 and 5, and were flat for eighth graders. By 11th grade, just over half of students met the ELA standards. Math scores were also up for grades 3, 5 and 7. More info can be found at

After creating a committee back in July to study Mendocino County’s Cannabis Cultivation Ordinance with instructions to report back supervisors with recommendations, the Board of Supervisors will hold a meeting on Monday from 5:30 to 7:30pm open to the public at Willits Community Center. The recommendations covered at the meeting will officially set in stone, and meant to inform the community on the committee’s progress and hear the recommendations on revisions to the ordinance.

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