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A man found whipped in the head with a rifle in Southern Humboldt County. The man called dispatch himself and deputies went to the home, finding the caller was in some sort of fight with his dad because of his cat taking food off their barbecue. Red Headed Blackbelt news site reporting the son went next door to make sure the cat was safe, and got into an altercation with his dad, saying his dad, who was armed with a .22 caliber rifle at the time, possibly to shoot the cat, and they got into a struggle over the rifle and the son was hit with the barrel of the rifle in the head. The son hurt and dad got a cut on his hand. Neither wanted to press charges and the son went to the hospital in Garberville for treatment.

Three people have been arrested for heroin dealing in Humboldt County. The Humboldt County Drug Task Force serving search warrants and arriving with a police dog to a home in Eureka finding Carlos Sanchez-Gallego. They say he had almost 9 pounds of heroin ready to be sold with an estimated street value of about $270,000. Another man with him, Jose Ochoa-Ayon tried speeding away from the area in a different car. He was caught and cited for driving in a reckless manner and was not chased for safety reasons, but he was found soonafter nearby. Another man also caught nearby with drugs and possible drug money. The three brought to jail on various charges including possession of a controlled substance for sales, transportation of a controlled substance and criminal conspiracy to distribute heroin.

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