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Some forest thinning taking place in the Mendocino National Forest after agreements were made with the Mendocino County Blacktail Association and the Mule Deer Foundation. The thinning of 600-acres of wildlife habitat improvement and hazardous fuels reduction if money’s available. So far they’ve cleared 170 acres contributions by partners and agency funds. The clearing of the acreage to protect areas from major wildfires in the Covelo Ranger District. They found some large oak trees crowding other trees which could make them more susceptible to getting infected by too many insects, disease and severe wildfires. They’ve cleared the area so deer can get the food they need to survive, thinning conifer, and hardwood trees to leave more spacing between trees.

A man in Fort Bragg has been arrested for showing a gun to another person at a campground. Mendocino Deputies get a call to the Wildwood Campground finding Christopher Doty had already left the area, but that he was holding either a shotgun or rifle. But the person who called police said they didn’t care to press charges, but did give a description of Doty’s vehicle. Deputies found the car later on Highway 20 headed towards the campground and stopped him. They say he would not comply and tried to get away at a high rate of speed. Deputies headed into the campground and heard multiple people yelling and screaming and found Doty nearly hitting another car, then running away, abandoning his car. He was finally found with 12 gauge ammo on him. There had been a loaded 12-gauge double barrel shotgun on his front passenger seat. He’s not allowed to have weapons due to his past and on probation. He was held in Mendocino County Jail and held on $40,000.00 bail.

A man in Ukiah’s been arrested on several charges after a reported domestic incident. Mendocino Deputies say Dean Stevens was headed south in the 800 block of North State Street and a sergeant knew there was a Be-On-the-Look-Out notice issued for Stevens. The deputy says Stevens gave him a fake name at a traffic stop then he started the car and took off. The Sheriff’s office sent deputies after him for running stop signs and speeding. He finally stopped and was arrested for felony evading, violation of parole, and providing a false name to a Peace Officer. He’s booked into the Mendocino County Jail and held without bail.

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